22nd December 2020

In light of the closure of the French-UK border, our shipping agent has immediately suspended all international courier services, this includes the Republic of Ireland. In light of this we have temporarily suspended the facility to place orders for shipping outside of the UK. We apologise for this and as soon as the situation resolves itself, we will re-enable the facility.

This border closure may also impact goods already in transit, if you think your order is affected, please write to info@nisioptics.co.uk with your order number and we will investigate.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.

15th December 2020

Getting back to normal!

Orders placed from today onwards are expected to leave our shipping agent the same day (orders received before 16:00 Mon-Fri) however Royal Mail, DPD and DHL are still experiencing delays.

We are aware some customers are still waiting for orders, for which we are very sorry. However so far, despite some serious delays in a few cases, every order has been delivered even though the delays can feel catastrophic. If you have concerns about your order, please refer to your tracking link in the first instance, but if you have concerns, please write to us at info@nisioptics.co.uk.

The process when you write is that we raise an enquiry with our shipping agent (as they have courier account managers) and they will in turn raise the enquiry with the relevant courier. Please be aware that as the number of enquiries has, understandably, gone through the roof, it can take a few days to get a response from Royal Mail, DPD and DHL.

For those that are experiencing very long delays (weeks) please do get in touch. It is us you placed your order with and it is down to us to ensure you get it.

Update direct from our shipping agent as follows:

I’m pleased to report that we’re largely back to our usual same-day despatch levels both in the UK and US.

We’re continuing to see delays to deliveries however, with demand on all couriers at unprecedented levels this year.

Royal Mail and DPD

Last week, both couriers saw a +60% increase in traffic compared with the previous week. Royal Mail now has delays of 7-10 days for final delivery, while DPD is a couple of days behind.

To support them, we’ve upped the frequency of Royal Mail collections from our main site, hired vehicles to deliver additional orders directly into their hubs at our cost, and invested in pallets and pallet boxes to make up for Royal Mail’s shortage of yorks (the trolleys they give us to collect orders on).

Both couriers are working to the forecasts we provided to them in October (based on your forecasts) and will not take on any additional volume. (Nor will they compensate for any late deliveries.)

All other couriers

DHL, Deutsche Post, Norsk and Fedex are generally performing well, aside from international services, which are still facing delays due to the pandemic. To support you further, we’ve managed to negotiate additional capacity with Hermes as an alternative courier to Royal Mail and DPD.

10th December 2020

Deliveries are slowly returning to normal however we are not yet back to where we would we like to be in terms of turnaround from order to delivery. Delays of a couple of days are still likely.

Delivery Bulletin

It seems there was a scan missed with a consignment that was collected from our shipping agent by Royal Mail at 10:29 on 30/11/20 however was not processed by them for several days. This issue now seems to be resolved and orders from this consignment are being delivered.

We are also aware that some people have not received the tracking links that are emailed out automatically. In most cases these have been found in Junk/Spam folders so please double check before contacting us as, if we resend, the second email will likely end up in the same place as the first.

2nd December 2020

Please note that we are experiencing unprecedented delays in shipping orders due to a number of factors with our shipping agent, Royal Mail and Deutsche Post

In order to cope with anticipated Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, our shipping agent have doubled their headcount and brought office staff on to the warehouse floor – they are now at the maximum COVID-secure capacity.

Despite this, the sheer volume of orders received, more than they have ever had before, has caused delays. In the spirit of clarity, we will share with you the update we received direct from our shipping agent:

We expect to despatch orders

  • Within 2 days until Monday 7 December
  • Within 1 day until the weekend of 12/13 December
  • Same-day from Monday 14 December

To exceed this forecast and bring these dates forward, this week:

  • Our tech team will be supporting our operations team, to resolve issues with any orders more rapidly
  • Our sales consultancy team will continue working in our client services team, to answer your queries and troubleshoot
  • Our office-based teams will continue joining fulfilment centre shifts, where it’s safe to do so, in order to boost capacity.

We ask that you continue to support us, by: 

  • Setting expectations with your customers that orders will take longer to process and arrive this year than usual
  • Allowing 3 days before contacting us about any orders that aren’t despatched
  • Waiting at least 3 days after the expected delivery date before following up on late orders, due to ongoing courier delays

In addition to this, we have been advised that Royal Mail are experiencing delays due to COVID, BlackFriday/CyberMonday and staff shortages. You can visit the Royal Mail Service Update here.

The more time that goes on, the faster we can expect to process your order with the aim of getting back to our usual speedy service as swiftly as possible.

If you have already placed an order, here is what to expect and what to do next.

Deliveries within the UK

  1. If you have not yet received your tracking link, this means that the order is with our shipping handler however the process of picking the order has not started yet. Once the process begins you will receive an automated email with your tracking link that will allow you to track your order through the warehouse and onto Royal Mail. Once with Royal Mail, you will be able to track your order’s onward journey with them and an ETA will be provided.
  2. If you already have a tracking link and it states that the item is with Royal Mail, but the Royal Mail side states they are waiting to receive the item, this means your order is physically in Royal Mail’s care, however has not yet been scanned. Alternatively it may mean that the item has missed a scan and may already be en-route to you.

    If it has been more than 72 hours since you placed your order and you still have no tracking information from us, please contact us on info@nisioptics.co.uk

Deliveries outside the UK

Deliveries outside the UK are managed by Deutsche Post and all orders in the first instance are taken to their European Hub in Frankfurt, Germany before commencing their onward journey to you.

  1. If you have not yet received your tracking link, this means the order is with our shipping handler however the process of picking the order has not started yet. Once the process begins you will receive an automated email with your tracking link that will allow you to track your order through the warehouse and on to Deutsche Post. Once with them you will be able to track your order through them and an ETA will be provided
  2. If you have a Deutsche Post tracking link, but the status has not changed for some time, for example “Departure to destination country”, this does not mean that your order is stationary as there are a number of factors to take into account:
    • Certain stages in your order’s journey do not trigger a tracking update
    • The Departure to destination country is a prediction, so the item may still be in the processing stage at Deutsche Post
    • It is possible that a scan has been missed so the item could be closer to you than the tracking status predicts.
    • Note: Since we began trading in the UK, only 1 order of countless orders into mainland Europe and Ireland has ever failed to deliver.

Unfortunately some orders to Europe (excluding the UK) are now predicted to take as long as three weeks to arrive, however rest assured you will get your order, even if we have to ship a replacement.

Deutsche Post advise that if the tracking status has remained unchanged for more than 6 days an enquiry should be raised. So if this is the case, please write to us at info@nisioptics.co.uk and we will initiate an enquiry. This will be done by us writing to our shipping handler, the Deutsche Post account holder, who have an account manager they can contact direct – this is by far the fastest way to raise an enquiry and as we receive updates, so shall you.

Ultimately, we are extremely grateful for your custom and we understand that it is NiSi UK whom you have ordered from, NiSi UK whom you have sent your money to and therefore the absolute responsibility of ensuring you get your order lies with us.

If you would like to write to us, then please do, and you can be assured of a personal response as you would expect. However if you are able to give us the timeframes detailed above prior to contacting us it would be a great help as until these times have been exceeded, there is nothing more we can do – our shipping agent/Deutsche Post will simply refer us back to the advised timescales.