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NiSi ND, GND, polarising filters and Natural Night® filters for iPhone, Fujifilm X100 series , Sony RX100 VI & VII and Ricoh GRII, GRIII & GRIII X

Like all other NiSi filters, these filters are made of high-quality, lens grade optical glass. The surface is finely ground and polished to ensure optimal sharpness with today’s UHD megapixel cameras and the iPhone camera.
These filters are compatible with the NiSi filter holders for the Fujifilm X100 series, Sony RX100 VI & VII and Ricoh GRII, GRIII & GRIII X and the NiSi P2 Square Filter Holder for IP-A Filter Holder.

NiSi Quick Bayonet Mount Circular filters and accessories for iPhone

Additionally to the square filters for the iPhone system, we have added single Quick Bayonet Mount Circular filters for the NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone®, a way for every Vlogger and Filmmaker to get unique videos and photos.

ND, GND, Polariser and Natural Night® NiSi filters for iPhone, Fujifilm X100 series cameras, Sony RXVI & VII and Ricoh GRII, Ricoh GRIII & Ricoh GRIII X

The NiSi Compact Camera Systems for iPhone, Ricoh GR3x, Ricoh GR3, Ricoh GR2, Sony RX100VI, Sony RX100VII and the Fujifilm X100 series are designed specifically for each of these compact cameras and Smartphones.

The kits come with a filter holder that is fitted to the lens and a varying selection of filters depending on whether you choose the Starter Kit, Professional Kit or Master Kit specifically created for the Ricoh GR3 and Ricoh GR3 X. The Holders are made from the same aviation aluminium as our popular V7 and NiSi S6 systems.

The filter holders for Compact Cameras have a quick mounting system: they simply push over the lenses and thanks to the extreme lightweight design they do not interfere at all the operation of the lens. In the case of the Ricoh GR3 and Ricoh GR3 X holder contained in the Master Kit we have created an ad-hoc ring with a 49mm thread, so you can either use the square filters contained in the Master Kit with the special filter holder, or all our 49mm circular filters. All of our compact camera holders can be rotated 360 degrees to facilitate the transition from vertical to horizontal orientation.

The Filter holders for iPhone have a patented Quick Bayonet Mount and is compatible with NiSi IP-A Filters and NiSi P2 square filter Holder.
The IP-A holder is attached from the top of the phone with the locking screw being secured by turning it clockwise until the IP-A holder is fastened.

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