nisi neutral density nd filters

NiSi neutral density (ND) filters are the ideal tool for managing light in the field. NiSi ND filters allow you to extend shutter speeds even in the brightest conditions thanks to comprehensive range of densities available.

NiSi filters are all made of the highest quality, lens grade optical glass so as not to miss even the smallest detail in your images. The special Nano Coating® coating on both sides minimises unwanted reflections and gives our filters water-repellant and oleophobic properties.

You can finally say goodbye to time-consuming colour correction in post and concentrate on the beauty of photography. NiSi ND filters are available in many densities and sizes and for multiple applications in photography and cinematography. We even have filters for your drone!

Curious about how NiSi filters are made (and the characteristic pink reflexes of IR coating)? Click here.

Filtri ND densità neutra

What are ND filters used for?

NiSi ND filters are used to extend shutter speeds and allow you to use wider apertures in your photography. Most common uses are:

  • Shallow depth of field
  • Greater control in video and time-lapse
  • Smooth water for silky/smoky effects
  • Remove people from crowded areas
  • Give the impression of movement in clouds and other moving subjects

Unlimited creative opportunities

NiSi Filters vs LeeNiSi Filters vs Haida meglio

Square and Circular ND Filters

We have the solution for you whether you prefer square or circular filters. We manufacture filters in the square sizes, all popular circular sizes and in densities from 2 to 20 stops. Our square filters a compatible with most third party systems in sizes 100mm, 150mm and 180mm. We also have a Variable ND giving you the effect of 1 to 5 stops of light reduction in one convenient solution.

Choose your Neutral Density filter:

How to install square ND filters

Neutral Density (ND Filters) are always installed in the closest slot to the lens so the foam blocks effectively the light leaks. Also, make sure to keep the shortest edges of the foam on the sides, to let the filter slide without obstacles. See images below.

nisi nd100x100
nisi neutral density filter 150x150mm

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