NiSi Cinema Linear Polariser and Rotating CPL

nisi cinema linear polariser

There are two types of polariser, linear and circular. Their function is to reduce reflections on non-metallic surfaces in order to reveal the original colour and texture of an object. They can also help to increase the colour saturation beyond that of normal vision and the effects cannot be easily replicated in post-processing.

NiSi Cine filters are made of a NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass of the highest quality so as not to lose even the smallest detail and to make them durable over time. The glass is treated with the best and most up to date techniques for multi-coating and with a special anti-scratch coating.

Slot-in polariser

NiSi Cinema Polarisers are available in 6.6×6.6″, 4×4″ and the industry standard 4×5.65″. These versions are 4mm thick, to be used with all leading matte box.

138mm Linear Polariser

The 138mm linear polariser is mounted on a 138mm aluminium frame, to be used with a matte box using the specific retainer (donut).

Rotating CPL Cinema

The rotating CPL can be rotated after mounting thanks to external gear, this polariser is available in Standard PRO and Enhance version. 6.6×6.6″ and the industry-standard 4×5.65″ sizes are available.

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