NiSi is not your everyday brand and we will explain why. We want to share the NiSi brand vision with you and, with the transparency that distinguishes us, reveal our model and what makes it a success.

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Our story

NiSi (also NiSi Optics or NiSi Filters) was founded in 2005 and owns more than 20 international patents on technology and design in the field of photography and cinema.

NiSi Store

Right from the start the direction was to integrate our supply chain as much as possible, so the “NiSi Store” in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen were born. In Japan, we are present with fixed positions in the shops of Bic camera and Yodobashi.

With the development of the NiSi e-commerce channels, NiSi has become a pioneer in the development of a distribution method that allows us to talk directly with customers and support them both before and after the purchase. One of the pillars of NiSi’s culture.

In 2014 the Australian e-commerce channel was born, followed by Italian and German channels and most recently, in 2020, the launch of the official UK website and e-commerce site.

To date, NiSi operates directly in over 25 countries and ships to over 100 through e-commerce sites managed by local teams.


The “NiSi Direct Sales Model”

The photographic sector, like many others, has historically consisted of long production and distribution chains that resemble this one:

Subject who designs -> subject who produces -> subject who owns the brand -> international distributor -> national distributor -> reseller -> other reseller -> shop/chain -> customer

Very often, practically always in the world of filters and accessories which comprises small and medium size enterprises, a company that owns a brand name entrusts the production (and sometimes also the design) to a third party (OEM).

This method of production introduces several price hikes and results in a product branded by a company that neither designed it nor manufactures it. Furthermore the design is often modified during production and materials are subject to production compromises. So frequently, cost of materials rather than quality, becomes the deciding factor.

The NiSi Model is more straightforward:

NiSi designs -> NiSi manufactures -> NiSi distributes to customer.

Design is done internally, as is production. So with complete integration between design and production, there are no compromises. Design starts with quality and materials at its core and the product is built on these binding principles, ensuring the end result is a product of high quality throughout.

Thanks to direct sales models, i.e. official sites like this one and other country specific channels; NiSi is able to engage directly with our customers offering a level of service matched only by the quality of our products.

Quality without compromise.

In the distribution phase the local ventures come into play; teams that manage the local warehouses and NiSi assistance directly in each country.

NiSi Certification: a real guarantee

By law, the burden of warranty on a product falls to the seller. So buying in a “classic distribution chain”, often results in the customer being several links in the chain away from the manufacturer. Because the seller works with so many brands, they are often ill-equipped to meet the needs of the customer and frequently don’t have the knowledge, or even the availability, to provide an adequate warranty, much less pre and post-sales technical assistance. Even with an engaged seller, it is often impossible to find out how and even who to contact for assistance.

The NiSi warranty is not dumped on different parties, but is provided directly by our local teams and therefore by NiSi, the manufacturer. We are always available by email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Our technical support is always available*, both for pre-sales questions, support after purchase and warranty. When buying from us you don’t have a basic guarantee, but a continuous dialogue with NiSi, a real quality certification.

*We guarantee a response within 24 working hours, but because we are not limited by opening and closing times of a physical store, you can generally expect a response 7 days a week and more often than not, within a few hours.

17:32, Sunday 21st June:

“Very prompt reply by the way, great customer service, keep it up.”

Nigel, UK

Quality is not achieved by compromise

Large companies like Nikon™, Canon™, Sony™, Zeiss™, etc. have a fundamental advantage over other third party brands: they have integrated production into their processes.

Having control over production, design and supply of your products allows a manufacturer to reduce costs AND maintain quality, values at the heart of what any reputable brand does. NiSi espoused this philosophy right from the start and procures exclusive lens grade optical glass exclusively for our products. We have filed patents and delivered iconic designs that have profoundly changed the filter sector. Moreover, we add value by never entrusting third parties with our production. Quality is never in question when designing a new product.

Compared to the companies mentioned above, NiSi was able to take a further step forward: it also integrated distribution. Thanks to the unqiue nature of our products and the use of channels like Amazon and this e-commerce website, we reach our customers directly.

Straight to you and local

Integrated design, programming and production can have their downsides though. Shipping direct from the factory, yet trying to communicate with customers in other time zones can be fractured and is not the relationship or level of service NiSi strive for. For this reason we have integrated our distribution, service and management of e-commerce directly in our customers’ home countries.

To this end NiSi UK, NiSi Italy, NiSi Germany, NiSi France, NiSi USA, NiSi Australia and many other local teams were born. We have established a warehouse in each territory to provide maximum efficiency in terms of shipping and returns, as well as a number of dedicated people for each site; Photographers like you, who speak your language. This doesn’t mean however that it is impossible to find NiSi products in photographic stores and thanks to our discerning standards, we are in contact with centres of excellence that sell our products hand in hand with us.

NiSi Innovations

We have already mentioned the exclusivity of NiSi lens grade optical glass, but we want to gather the patents and NiSi exclusive technologies in one place.

Lens-grade optical glass

The grade of optical glass used by NiSi cannot be found in any other filter by any other manufacturer. The only other place you will find glass of this standard is in high-end optical lenses such as the best macro lenses; Nikon™ gold series, Canon™ L lenses, Zeiss™ lenses, Sony™ GM and a few other specialist applications that require the utmost in optical precision.

The “recognised standard” in glass for filters is Schott B270. Fine glass without a doubt. But NiSi don’t do “standard” and the glass we use is optically, demonstrably, superior to B270.

NiSi has exclusivity in the filter sector. We use this particular optical glass because we design and produce our products internally, without intermediaries and therefore without compromise.

Why NiSi?

NiSi Nano-Coating®

NiSi Nano-Coating is a treatment for optical glass that makes it water and oil repellent. Thanks to this coating we deliver a number of advantages, including much easier cleaning of rain, spray and handprints. This allows for maximum sharpness in every situation.

Why NiSi?
NiSi Nano-Coating repels water and oil, making cleaning much easier.

IR treatment

The anti infrared light treatment (or simply “IR“) blocks infrared light beyond a certain wavelength. IR pollution is responsible for the dominant magenta colour cast introduced, or more accurately, allowed through, by low-quality filters. The light absorption curve in NiSi filters is extremely uniform, ensuring a very high colour match.

Why NiSi?

In these graphs, we observe how the response of the NiSi ND (Neutral Density) filter (top left) is uniform, virtually perfect, at all wavelengths; both visible and invisible. It is important to know that even if the eye does not see certain wavelengths, the camera sensor captures them and the colours are altered. All other filters tested (each one of them popular, high priced brands) have a less flat, irregular curve, especially in the final part, infrared.

Essentially, an uneven line in transmission charts demonstrates that the filtration is uneven across the spectrum; the filter is letting in more or less light in certain wavelengths by comparison to others.

Neutral Density filters are so named because they are required to be neutral; to not give bias to any wavelength over another. So if your filter has a tendency to allow excess UV (blue/cooler) or IR (red/warmer) through, you don’t have a Neutral Density filter. These filters are, or should be, cheaper to buy, but the trade-off is having to adjust your white balance to compensate or post processing at the back end to try to recover your shot.

Multi-Coating® NiSi

Multi-Coating is not a new concept in the optical world, it is the practice of applying different layers, each with its own specific function, to glass. The novelty of NiSi is that this method has been extended to the entire range, using exclusive treatments of the highest quality, including:

  • Nano-Coating®
  • Water and oil repellency
  • Resistance to fungi and mould
  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-IR (infrared light blocking)
  • Anti-UV (ultraviolet light blocking)
  • Scratch resistance
  • ND Treatment

These levels are applied on both sides of the glass, and have been developed and patented by NiSi. It is not the number of coatings that is important, but their quality and characteristics. Beware of products that focus only on the number of coatings applied – a higher number doesn’t mean better.

Double apochromatic element

The Close-up Macro NiSi lens has a double apochromatic element, this innovative solution is not found on other close-up lenses in the same category. In third party products it is difficult to find even a single apochromatic element and where it is present, it is only on specialist lenses with a very high price. Thanks to NiSi’s short-chain and integrated production we are very proud to have created a product that has redefined the capabilities of a “close-up lens”. Thanks to the double apochromatic element and the use of Multi-Coating (including Nano-Coating) we can be sure that we have created a unique Close-Up lens.

Our challenge is your satisfaction

For the reasons listed above, and many more, NiSi is the first choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The value of our products goes far beyond their price because we guarantee that the added value is much higher than the products of other brands.

This is possible thanks to our complete verticalisation of product design, production and distribution.

In addition, we engage with our customers directly and provide the maximum guarantees that only a manufacturer can give.

Our challenge is your satisfaction.

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