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Soft GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Filter for Compact camera systems

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Neutral density filter (GND) with 3 f-stop absorption and soft gradient.
  • Specially developed for compact camera systems
  • Perfect for balancing the exposure and darkening the bright sky
  • Unique thanks to the non-reflective, water and oil-repellent nano coating
  • Exclusive high quality optical NiSi glass
  • High colour¬†neutrality

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Official NiSi Europe Guarantee
Weather resistant
Nano¬ģ coating
Designed for NiSi Compact Camera Systems

NiSi filter for compact camera systems – GND8 Soft

The NiSi GND8 Soft (3 apertures) for compact camera systems is a rectangular GND filter that enables certain areas of an image, such as the bright sky, to be darkened, while the rest of the image is exposed normally without being affected. The Soft GND is designed so that it can be moved up and down to adapt it perfectly to the landscape scene. A graduated grey filter with a smooth gradient transition is particularly suitable for scenes in which trees, buildings, mountains and other elements protrude above the horizon.

Like all other NiSi filters, this one consists of high-quality, optical glass.¬†The surface is finely ground and polished to ensure optimal sharpness with today’s UHD megapixel cameras.

This filter is compatible with the NiSi filter holders for the Fujifilm X100 series, Sony RX100 VI & VII and Ricoh GRII & GRIII.

“Soft” transition

The  soft filters have a gradient transition between the light and dark area that is very soft. The Soft GND filter is best for scenes that have a large or broken transition from the foreground to the sky. For example, alpine landscapes with mountains that rise above the horizon line or dramatic rock formations (surf pillars) by the sea.

Unique in the market

Thanks to the very high colour fidelity without a colour cast, you can finally say goodbye to strong colour corrections in post-processing.
The  optical NiSi glass is a high-quality glass that is also used by the major manufacturers of camera lenses especially for the finest optical elements. NiSi filters do not affect the image , which allows you to get the most out of your lens and photo sensor . In addition to IR blocking , NiSi filters also block  ultraviolet (UV) light for even more accurate colour fidelity.


The Nano¬†¬ģ¬†coating gives the filter the ability to repel¬†water and oils¬†.¬†This makes cleaning easier even under extreme conditions or, for example, splashes of sea water.¬†The finishing of the edges and the rounded corners of our filters improve durability and handling.