Holder filtri Nikon 19mm f4E ED

Filters and Holder for Nikon PC 19mm f/4E ED Tilt Shift

The  Nikon PC 19mm f/4E ED tilt shift lens is an excellent choice for owners of Nikon camera bodies. The ability to tilt the lens (tilt and shift) and a very wide focal length make this lens very interesting for all landscape and architecture photography enthusiasts who use Nikon cameras.

To ensure a wide viewing angle and the possibility of tilt and shift, Nikon has used very precise geometry in the design of the front element, making this lens unique. To allow all photographers to take advantage of the quality of NiSi products, a NiSi S5 Holder, whose design compliments the precision of the lens, has been created for ND 150mm and GND 150mm filters.

Holder S5 NiSi per PC Nikon 19mm f4

Filter holder for Nikon PC 19mm f / 4 E ED Tilt-Shift

 The NiSi S5 Holder for Nikon PC Nikkor 19mm f/4 E ED Tilt-Shift allows you to mount 1 polarising filter and 2 square filters without any vignetting at 19mm and even when using the tilt and shift. NiSi has developed this Holder for 150mm filters specifically for this lens, ensuring maximum precision and compatibility.

NiSi is the only company that offers a holder with two slots for a 19mm lens such as the Nikkor PC 19mm F4 without vignetting and which allows
you to take full advantage of all the Tilt and Shift features that this lens has.

Thanks to the NiSi S5 for the Nikon 19mm tilt and shift and its two slots you can use an ND filter and a GND filter at the same time, also thanks to the patented S5 system to attach a polariser you can use the ND+GND+polariser for spectacular photos in the presence of water or reflective surfaces.

The range of NiSi filters for the 150mm holder for the Nikkor 19mm is extensive: it includes GND Soft, Medium, Hard and Reverse filters, as well as ND filters in different densities and the circular polariser is included in the holder kit!

Features of the 150mm filter holder for PC Nikkor 19mm f/4 Tilt Shift

  • Holder made of aviation aluminium
  • Internal painting that absorbs light to avoid reflections
  • 2 slots for square filters 150mm wide
  • No vignetting even at 19mm
  • 360° independent rotation of the front to position your GND filters
  • 1 circular polariser included in the holder kit
  • Available in two versions: with Standard CPL PRO polariser or with Landscape polariser

The Landscape polariser offers two main advantages compared to the kit with standard polariser:

  • Unique polarising film, with declared polarisation of 99.5%!
  • External Nano Coating (NC) treatment, water-repellent and oleophobic for simple and precise cleaning

Choose your filters for the NiSi S5 for Nikon PC 19mm F4E ED

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