Close-up lenses and focusing rail for your Macro Photography needs

Macro photography is a fascinating photographic discipline, that allows you to creatively shoot every day objects, wildlife, plants and more in close-up detail. NiSi have recognised the growing popularity of this art-form in recent months and have developed a series of high quality, reasonably priced accessories to allow more people to explore macro photography.

You can enjoy NiSi quality and the experience at a fair price thanks to our unique business model.

Close-up Lenses

As you will have come to expect from NiSi, our close-up lens range are all manufactured using professional grade materials. The frames are of an aluminium construction and house the double achromatic optical elements, designed to significantly reduce the purple/green fringing you may find in cheaper solutions. The lens grade optical glass is Multi-Nano Coated for greater clarity and sharpness and to facilitate easy cleaning.

nisi lente close up macro

NC Macro Close-Up Lens 77/72/67mm

Recommended for telephoto 70-300 lenses, or lenses that fall within that focal range, this lens delivers up to and beyond 1:1 magnification (dependant upon your lens.) Visit the dedicated page to see the full technical specs.

NC Macro Close-Up Lens 77-72-67mm

Kit Includes

  • 1 x NC Macro Close-Up Lens 77mm
  • 1 x 72-77mm Adaptor ring
  • 1 x 67-77mm Adaptor ring (third party rings may be used to use the lens with other threads)
  • 1 x NC Macro Close-Up Lens Case

Read Macro Close Up lens 77mm review by Ross Hoddinott on Nature TTL

NC Macro Close-Up Lens 58/52/49mm

Recommended for 24-250 mm (APS-C) or 35-250 mm Full frame and with an optimum working range of 9-22 cm, this lens delivers up to and beyond 1:1 magnification (dependant upon your lens). Visit the dedicated page to learn more.

close up macro 58

Kit Includes

  • 1 x 58mm NC Macro Close-Up Lens
  • 1 x 52-58mm Adaptor ring
  • 1 x 49-58mm Adaptor ring (third party rings may be used to use the lens with other threads)
  • 1 x NC Macro Close-Up Lens Case

NC Macro Close-Up Lens 49/62/67mm

Suitable for lenses with a 40.5-67mm filter thread and with an optimum working range of 2-14 cm, the magnification will be 1:1 at a focal length of 110mm for full frame cameras. (The magnification will be 1.5X for APS-C and 2X for 4/3 cameras). No vignetting at focal length 25mm, 70mm on APS-C cameras and 180mm on Full Frame cameras.
Visit the dedicated page to learn more.

Kit Includes

  • 1 x MC Macro Close-Up Lens 49mm
  • 1 x 49mm to 62mm Adaptor ring
  • 1 x 49mm to 67mm Adaptor ring
    (third party rings may be used to use the lens with other threads, for max 67mm, as long as the filter side thread is 49mm)
  • 1 x Close Up Pouch
Close up 49mm

You can use your NiSi Close-up on any lens within the recommended focal length range and if the front thread of your lens is not within the included rings, you can use a third-party adapter. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question.

Which close-up lens to choose?

The NiSi MC Close-Up Lens 49mm is suitable for lenses with a 40.5-67mm filter thread. This differentiate from the other Close-Up Lenses for its +9 Diopters, allowing you to achieve 2X magnification with the Canon 100mm macro lens (67mm thread), Nikon 105mm macro lens (62mm thread) and Sony 90mm macro lens (62mm thread).

If you own a macro lens (up to 105mm) or a 24-70mm, an 18-55, an 18-105 and similar lenses between 24-250 on APS-C or 35-250 full-frame, the Macro Close Up 58mm is best for you.

For telephoto lenses, with length range including 70-300, we recommend our Close up Lens 77mm. Contact us for any further information.

NiSi Macro Focusing Rails

A Focusing Rail is an essential accessory for macro photography as precision and stillness are vital when shooting at high magnification. Constructed in CNC machined aluminium and with a host of features usually found in more expensive rails, we have delivered a professional grade product at an everyday price.

You can use the rail on a table top or simply unscrew the feet and mount it to your tripod. The rail is compatible with the Arca-Swiss dovetail mount and the underside is compatible with ¾” and ¼” tripod mounts. Check out our Macro Focusing Rail NM-180s or the Macro Focusing Rail NM-200s to discover the impressive list of features that set this rails apart from other, pricier, rails.

4 Way Macro Focusing Rail

For the most demanding photographers who need a versatile 4 axis movement, and the possibility of 360° panning, we recommend the purchase of two NiSi NM-180s rails or two NiSi NM-200s rails. The perfect compatibility of the two slides allows unlimited freedom of movement, with top of the range features, high quality and an irresistible price thanks to the NiSi model.

focusing rail 4 ways

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