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Variable filters for full exposure control

NiSi Cinema Enhance 1.5-5 Variable ND

The  NiSi ND-VARIO 1.5-5 stop variable ND  is the ideal tool for filmmakers who want to be able to control the light in real time while “running and gunning”, without artefacts or aberrations. Variable ND filters are two polarisers mounted in opposition to each other and allow you to manage the exposure by instantly adjusting between 1.5 to 5 stops without the need to stop shooting and switch out filters. NiSi have developed a variable ND which eliminates the risk of the dreaded “X effect” present in some brands of variable ND where the two polarisers reach their maximum opposition.

The NiSi Cine filters are made of a NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass of the highest quality so as not to lose even the smallest detail and to make them durable over time. The glass is treated with the best and most up to date techniques for multi-coating and with a special anti-scratch coating.

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