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Enter our 2021 raffle for a chance (or more) to win one of 5 NiSi UK gift cards worth £200 each!

How does it work?

Subscribe to our newsletter form below to enter the raffle. This step is mandatory and you will automatically enter the raffle, with 1 chance to win the extraction on Sunday 22nd May 2021.

  • Up to 4 chances to win (read below)
  • 5 gift cards of £200 each up for grabs
  • 1-year validity on all NiSi range
  • Subscribing to our newsletter you’ll get access to exclusive promotions
  • Following our Instagram page and joining our Facebook community you’ll have the chance to be shared and published on our official pages

Do you want more chances to win? read below!

Get more chances to be extracted

  • If you follow us on Instagram you’ll get 1 more chance to be extracted (we’ll add your email 1 extra time in the raffle). Also, you’ll be following our Instagram page packed with inspirational photos!
  • 4 chances are better than 3? definitely! Join our Official Facebook Community Page and post a photo with #nisiraffle hashtag, you’ll engage with fellow photographers and get another extra chance to win.

More details and FAQ

Important dates and steps to partecipate

  • Starting Tuesday 4th May 2021 you can enter your email in the subscription form above to enter the NiSi UK Raffle
  • If you perform the additional steps described above, you’ll get more chances to win
  • Last day is Saturday 21st May 2021
  • Extraction will happen on Sunday 22th May 2021
  • We’ll extract 5 emails and send one £200 coupon each in the following days
  • You have one year to spend your credit on our official store at

What is mandatory to do to enter the raffle?

The only mandatory action is to subscribe to our newsletter on this page.
However, if you follow us on instagram, like our facebook page and join our official community, you will have more chances to win. Read the question below.

How many chances I have to win?

If you only subscribe to our newsletter you have 1 chance to win (e.g. if 100 people subscribe, you have 1/100 chance to win).
If you also follow us on Instagram you’ll have 2 chances (e.g. if 100 people subscribe and you are the only one to also follow us on Instagram you’ll have 2/100, or 1/50 chance to win).
If you perform all possible actions as described in the above section “get more chance to be extracted” you’ll get 4 chances. In the same example, you’ll get 4/100 or 1/25 chance to win!
Performing the same action multiple time doesn’t increase your chances to win, 4 is maximum.

How to you extract the winners?

We’ll extract the winner using the email with the help of a random picker. We’ll pick up 5 emails and for each picking we will remove the winning email/emails. You cannot win more than 1 time. To give more chances to everyone, we’ll remove all winning emails even if they have more than 1 email entered in the list.

Tell me more about the prizes!

There aren’t complicated rules and conditions, 5 lucky winners will get a £200 coupon each. The coupon will be valid for 1 year and it can be used to buy everything you see on, no restrictions.
You can use it to buy as many time as you want until you reach the £200 limit.

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