Anello 82mm NiSi

NiSi V6 and V5-PRO spare parts, adapter rings and polarisers

The NiSi V6 & V5 PRO have been the 100mm filter holder market leaders for years and, over time, we have received many requests from our users regarding the possibility of purchasing spare parts. So we have listened and delivered. You can now order the Landscape and PRO Polariser separately, as well as the rotating 82mm ring for the polariser for the V6 and V5 Pro and all the adapter rings from 49mm to 77mm.

Polarisers for NiSi V6 and V5-PRO

NiSi Filters produces two polarising filters for the NiSi V6 and V5 PRO, you can use them both in different situations. The classic PRO polariser is perfect for every need, while the Landscape polarising filter has been created specifically for those who need maximum polarisation. The Nitto film of the Landscape polariser is tested for a 99.5% polarisation and improves the natural saturation and contrast of the scene. Due to the strong polarisation of the Landscape CPL, the Standard polariser is useful if the polarisation of the Landscape is too strong, so as to guarantee maximum flexibility.

82mm main ring for NiSi V6

The 82mm main ring with the patented NiSi rotation mechanism for the NiSi V6 holder is available in our official store. This is not just a replacement part; many photographers, who shoot with multiple lenses and often need to change lenses quickly, find it convenient to have main rings (plus V6 lens caps of course) fitted to each lens. This enables them to rapidly (in seconds!) move their entire filter assembly to an alternate lens.
V6 and V5 Pro main rings are slightly different, the lens cap V6 doesn’t fit the V5 Pro ring.

82mm main ring for NiSi V5 PRO

The 82mm main ring with the patented NiSi rotation mechanism for the V5/V5 Pro is also available in our official store and as with the V6 version,  a lens cap is available

Adapter rings for NiSi V6 & V5 PRO

NiSi V6 and V5 Pro (and V5 Alpha) holder kits include the 82mm ring with polariser rotation mechanism and three rings to mount the filter holder on 77/72 & 67mm lenses. In case you need different adapter rings or a spare you can find below all the available sizes: from 49mm to 77mm.

Gaskets for ND 100 and 150mm filters

Having some spare gaskets available is always very useful.

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