NiSi Cinema 138mm Mounted Linear Polarizer Filter



Cinema linear polariser 138mm
  • Reduces or removes reflections from non-Metallic surfaces
  • Enhances colour saturation
  • Fits Directly into 138mm Matte Box Donut
  • Ultra-low colour cast
  • Made of NiSi Optical Glass with polarising film

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99% colour accuracy
NiSi Cinema Filter

138mm linear polariser for matte box with retainer

The NiSi Cinema 138mm Mounted Linear Polarizer Filter is a linear polarizer made to fit directly into the 138mm donut insert of a matte box. It can be rotated before being locked down to offer variable amounts of polarisation.
The NiSi linear polariser reduces reflections and glare by filtering out the highlights on non-metallic surfaces. This light is often perceived as a haze in landscape scenes. The polariser filter guides the light evenly through the filter, which reduces this haze-like effect and delivers a noticeable reduction in glare and reflections as well as increasing saturation of sky and foliage.

The NiSi 138mm Mounted Linear Polarizer Filter has an aluminium frame that surrounds a piece of NiSi transparent optical glass (“Water White”) with a polarization film.

Because of the way light is refracted and filtered with a linear polariser, the autofocus and exposure accuracy in the camera may be affected during use. This filter is recommended if the camera-internal exposure metering or no autofocus is used.