Cinema 4x4

NiSi Cinema 4×4″ Linear Polariser Filter


NiSi Cinema Linear Polariser in Optical Glass
  • Industry Standard 4×4″ (4mm thick)
  • Minimises reflections and highlights
  • Reduces haze in landscape scenes
  • Optimises colour saturation and contrast
  • NiSi Cine Sealing technology
  • NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass
  • 1 to 1.5 stops of light reduction, depending on the light situation
  • Synthetic leather case included

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99% colour accuracy
NiSi Cinema Filter
Cine Sealing technology

NiSi Linear Polariser 4×4″ for Cinema

The NiSi Cinema 4×4″ linear polariser is made of the same high-quality exclusive lens grade optical glass as the other filters in the NiSi Cinema product line and delivers 99.9% polarisation. Each filter is precision ground and polished after the film is applied to ensure maximum sharpness.

  • The NiSi 4×4″ product line is compatible with all leading video matte boxes
  • The cinema filters from NiSi are the industry standard 4mm thick
  • A synthetic leather effect storage pouch is included and cinema pouches for your filter collection are available for separate purchase

Polarisers reduce the reflection on non-metallic surfaces so that the original colour and texture of an object is more visible. Polarisers can also help to increase the colour saturation beyond that of normal vision and produce an effect that cannot be easily (or cheaply) replicated in post-processing.

without cinema polariserwith cinema linear polariser

The NiSi linear polariser reduces reflections and glare by filtering out the highlights on non-metallic surfaces. This light is often perceived as a haze in scenes. The polariser filter guides the light evenly through the filter, which reduces this haze-like effect and delivers a noticeable reduction in glare and reflections as well as increasing saturation of sky and foliage.

Because of the way light is refracted and filtered with a linear polariser, the autofocus and exposure accuracy in the camera may be affected during use. This filter is recommended if the camera-internal exposure metering or no autofocus is used.

Cine Sealing technology

cine sealed technology cinema filters

NiSi’s Cinema Linear Polariser uses Cine Sealed technology, edges of the filter are sealed with black resin to improve performance and durability. This technology reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations, keeps out condensation and protects the filter from unwanted flare and reflections. Compared to similar treatments, NiSi’s technology allows the edge of the filter to be sealed twice as efficiently, thanks to high-precision machinery and unique materials.