Cinema 6.6x6.6

NiSi Cinema 6.6×6.6″ Rotating Enhance Polariser


6.6×6.6″ Rotating Enhance Polariser for cinema matte box
  • Mounted Rotatable Circular Polarizer Filter
  • NiSi Optical Glass
  • Nano® Coating
  • 6.6×6.6″, 7mm-Thick, Aluminum-Alloy Filter Tray
  • +1 to 1.5 Stops light absorption depending on the situation
  • Helps to eliminate reflections and glare
  • Enhanced colour and tonal saturation
  • Padded pouch included

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Weather resistant
Nano® coating
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NiSi Cinema Filter

NiSi 6.6×6.6″ Cinema Rotating CPL Enhance

The NiSi Cinema 6.6×6.6″ Rotating Enhance circular polarising filter is made from the same high quality optical glass as the other filters in the NiSi Cinema product line.

Polarisers reduce reflection on non-metallic surfaces, allowing the original colour and texture of an object to be more visible. Polarising filters can also help increase colour saturation. Polarising filters are effective filters and they are not imitated in post-processing.

The polarising filter helps reduce reflections and haze by filtering out light that has been polarised by reflection off a non-metallic surface. This results in a noticeable reduction in glare and reflections, as well as an increase in the saturation of the sky and foliage.

NiSi has developed its new rotating circular polariser optimised for the cinematographer. The filter is compatible with all leading video matte box manufacturers that conform to the 6.6×6.6″ standard and features a 20mm wheel to allow the circular polarizer to rotate within its frame. This design makes it easy to control and perfectly adjust the desired polarisation in an instant.

The rotating CPL can significantly speed up efficiency when shooting under time pressure, making it a very powerful tool for videographers and cinematographers.

Weather is also not a problem with the Rotating NiSi Polarizer. Its double-sided nano-coating allows rainwater to roll off easily without leaving marks on the filter. In addition, this special coating offers the advantage of less dust and dirt sticking to the filter, making it easier to clean. The edge of the polarising filter is sealed to prevent moisture from entering the filter.

The NiSi Enhance CPL polarising filter is designed for photographers and filmmakers who want maximum polarisation. It enhances natural colours and contrasts of the landscape and makes skin tones look more natural, thanks to the use of an exclusive NiSi polarising film. Made of high quality optical glass. The filter guarantees results without loss in sharpness.

A storage and transportation pouch is included.

nisi cinema rotating cpl 6.6x6.6"