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72mm adapter ring for Holder NiSi S6 and S5- Sony FE 12-24 F4G

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72mm Adaptor ring for NiSi S6 and S5 Sony FE 12-24 F4 G
  • Compatible with S6 & S5 holder for Sony FE 12-24 f / 4G
  • Can be used with lenses with 72mm thread
  • Can be used on any threaded lens with the the purchase of third-party adapter rings

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NiSi S6 & S5 Holder 72mm adapter ring – Sony FE 12-24 f / 4G

With this adapter ring you can use the 150mm S6 and S5 holders for Sony 12-24 FE f / 4G on other threaded lenses. This adapter can be mounted directly on lenses with 72mm thread, or, through third party rings, on other lenses with thread.

If you have a lens with a thread less than 72mm, simply use a third-party adapter ring. For example, for a lens with 58mm thread, you can use a ring from 58 to 72mm to adapt your NiSi S5 Holder with the 72mm ring for NiSi S5 Sony FE 12-24 f / 4G.


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