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All-in-one case for 100mm filters and V7, V6 or V5-Pro Holders

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All-in-one filter holder for 8 x 100mm square filters and V7, V6 and V5-Pro Holders
  • Hard case (13.5x9x16.7cm) with shoulder strap and belt loop.
  • Holds up to 8 x 100mm square filters
  • Compartment for V5/V5-PRO/V6 holder and accessories
  • Quick opening with safety lock
  • Compatible with Lee, Haida, Formatt, Cokin 100mm (2mm thick) filters

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All-in-one case for ND/GND filters and Holder

The new All-in-one rigid bag by NiSi is the ideal transport solution for your holder and NiSi filters. Made of rigid plastic, the All-in-one filter bag is the ideal solution for the safe transport of your filters! It can hold up to 8 x 100mm filters and has a compartment for storing the V5/V5-PRO or V6 filter holders.

The NiSi All-in-one case is compatible with 100x100mm ND filters (2mm thickness), 100x150mm GND filters (2mm thickness) and your V series holder (V7, V6 and V5-PRO).

Dimensions: 13.5 x 9 x 16.7cm

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Reviews for All-in-one case for 100mm filters and V7, V6 or V5-Pro Holders

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  1. Marta D. (verified owner)

  2. James Kelly (verified owner)

    Bought this for when I am traveling and need that extra protection for my filters. Worth every penny

  3. Roger (verified owner)

    Found this surprisingly very good for storing all my filters regardless on size, along with filter folder and adapter rings too.

  4. Mark Pattenden (verified owner)

    Excellent box for all of your filters would love to see a smaller version for circular filers too.

  5. Tim Pindar (verified owner)

    Good, rigid case. Only two gripes: it stores all my NiSi v6 system apart from the special lens cap, which I must therefore remember to take separately. It would be better if it could ALL be fitted in this case. Also the filters do rattle about inside the case, which can be cured by putting a cleaning cloth inside with them.

  6. John C. (verified owner)

    THE BEST accessory if you have a full kit. Don’t skimp on this! I hang it off the hook on my tripod and everything is safe and to-hand

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