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Bag for NiSi S6 an S5 and 150mm Holders

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Case for NiSi S6/S5 and 150mm holder.
  • Replacement soft case for S6/S5 bag
  • Compatible with NiSi S6/S5 and 150 series holder
  • Includes rear strap to secure the tripod leg bag
  • Front pocket for the NiSi S6/S5 polariser or other accessories (e.g. microfibre cleaning cloth)

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Bag for NiSi S6 and S5 and 150mm filter holders

The soft bag for 150mm holders is the same as that contained in the 150mm NiSi S6 and S5 Kit and can be used with all 150mm NiSi holders. It allows you to comfortably carry the NiSi S6/S5 and the other filter holders of the 150 series. It also has a convenient strap to be able to secure the bag to a tripod leg.

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  1. Gregory Butler (verified owner)

  2. Paul Owen

    Excellent build quality and well padded to protect filters and holder. Nice idea having front pocket for circular polariser too!

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