NiSi Cinema C4 Holder for 4×4″ and 4×5.65″ Filters with Polariser


Holder for two 4×4″ or 4×5.65″, 4mm thick cinema filters
  • For use NiSi Cinema Filters 4×4″ or 4×5.65″
  • Holder for Cinema Filters 4″-Wide, 4mm-Thick
  • Holds 2 filters at the same time
  • CNC machined single block of matte black coated aeronautical aluminium
  • The kit includes
    • Holder for 2 filters
    • 1 x 82mm ring with polarising adjustment
    • 1 x standard polarising filter (removable)
    • 3 x adaptor rings (67/72/77mm)
    • 1 x soft case
  • Patented technology to adjust the CPL filter (included) by means of the independent rotation of a gear
  • Polariser can also be adjusted after mounting the filters
  • High build quality and mechanical vignetting absent at 16 / 17mm on Full Frame or 10 / 11mm on DX / APS-C

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NiSi Cinema Filter

NiSi Cinema C4 holder for 4×4″ and 4×5.65″ filters with included PRO CPL polariser

The NiSi C4 Cinema Filter Holder is made from CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminium and is perfect for when the extra size of a matte box is not needed or wanted, but you still need filters for shooting. It allows the use of up to two separately available 4-inch wide, 4mm thick filters, combined with an integrated CPL (circular polarising filter) included.

The box includes:

  • Frame holder for up to two 4″ wide, 4mm thick Cinema filters. Such as the standard 4×5.65″ (but also 4×4″)
  • Main adaptor ring, 82mm thread, with polariser rotation wheel
  • 3 secondary adaptor rings, 82 -> 77mm, 82-> 72mm and 82-> 67mm (you can adapt the holder to many more threads with dedicated adaptor rings)
  • NiSi PRO Polariser, to be mounted on the main adaptor ring
  • Carry case

The circular polarising filter can be rotated independently of the filters in the front slots to allow full control over the desired polarisation. Of course, the filter holder can also be used without the CPL. This holder allows the use of professional cinema-quality filters on lenses with a filter thread of up to 82mm. Adaptor rings for lenses with 77mm, 72mm and 67mm are included in this set, further adaptor rings down to 49mm are available separately.

On 35mm format, the NiSi C4 Cinema filter holder can easily be used up to 16mm without vignetting. The holder is also ideally suited for APS-C lenses with a minimum focal length of 10mm. Vignetting does not occur with obliquely aligned filters.