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Landscape NC Polariser for NiSi S5 System


CPL Polarising Landscape NC filter for Holder NiSi S5
  • Can be used instead of the standard polariser on the NiSi S5 holder
  • Polarising filter with 99.5% polarising film
  • Nano Coating (NC) treatment for easy cleaning
  • Lens grade optical glass for precision applications in exclusive NiSi

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Landscape NC Polariser for NiSi S5

The landscape polariser for the NiSi S5 filter holder comes from NiSi experience in professional photography of the highest quality. The landscape polariser is perfect with the NiSi S5 for those who want the most out of their equipment. The lens grade optical glass used is exclusively NiSi and the treatments are covered by international patents, the CPL Landscape NiSi is the only one that combines excellent glass, the best polarising film and Nano Coating on both surfaces.

Landscape Polariser & PRO Polariser

The main differences with the PRO polariser (the same as the S5 base and V5 Pro basic kit) concern the polarising film, the most powerful on the market with a declared polarisation effect of 99.5%. Furthermore, another fundamental innovation is the presence of Nano Coating (NC), applied with a patented NiSi technique, which makes the filter resistant to water and oils. Thanks to the NC treatment, the landscape polarising filter also has the fantastic cleaning properties that NiSi is famous for it its ND and GND filters. In this comparative image we can see the differences between the standard polariser (Pro) present in the normal kit for S5 and V5 and the landscape polariser.

polarizzatore landscape nisi s5polarizzatore cpl landscape NiSi S5

The landscape polariser is calibrated to emphasise tones and reduce haze and above all we observe the central reflection which is almost canceled by the polarising film with a declared effect of 99.5%.


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