Circular filters

Natural Pro Nano CPL


NiSi Natural Pro Nano CPL – True-to-life colour reproduction
  • Available in 46mm to 95mm
  • Pro Nano®️ Coating
  • True-to-life Colour Reproduction
  • High Definition
  • Cine Sealed Technology
  • Low Reflectivity
SKU: uknisi0567a
Official guarantee NiSi UK
Weather resistant
Nano coating®
99% color correspondence
"Natural" Polarising Film

NiSi Natural Pro Nano CPL for true-to-life colour reproduction

The NiSi Natural Pro Nano CPL is the latest innovation in Circular Polariser technology and delivers unprecedented, high definition, true -to-life colour reproduction and low reflectivity. By comparison to the NiSi Landscape Enhance polariser which delivers colour enhancement, vital to landscape photography – the NiSi Natural CPL is for situations where precise colour reproduction is important.

The NiSi Natural CPL is manufactured to the same high standard for which we are renowned. It benefits from our patented Pro Nano®️ coating on both sides, delivering scratch resistance and a waterproof, oil resistant barrier. The Pro Nano®️ coating allows for easy removal of dust, fingerprints and water staining.

The Natural NiSi CPL also has our Cine Sealing technology offering superior protection, compared to traditional black sealed filters, against condensation and temperature fluctuations.