System 150

150x150mm Circular Polariser (CPL)

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NiSi 150×150 Circular Polariser (CPL)
  • 150x150mm and 2mm thickness for System 150 filter holders
  • Unique thanks to the anti-reflective, water-repellent, oleophobic coating
  • High quality optical glass exclusively in NiSi
  • Nitto polarising film with over 95% polarisation
  • Chromatic neutrality and parallelism to the nanometer of the surfaces

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NiSi 150×150 Circular Polariser (CPL)

The NiSi 150x150mm polariser  filter is made of the highest quality, lens grade optical glass, the Nitto polarising film is the best on the market and offers polarisation close to 100%. This square filter is designed for 150mm filter holders. During insertion, be careful to point the right side towards the camera, moreover, inserting it with 90 ° rotations you can obtain different polarisation effects.

Please handle this filter with care.

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