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NiSi ND32000 15 stops (4.5) Circular for NiSi S5 Holder

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NiSi ND32000 15 stops (4.5) Circular for NiSi S5 Holder
  • Can be used instead of the polarizer on the NiSi S5 holder
  • High quality lens grade optical glass exclusive to NiSi
  • IR series with blocking of infrared light
  • High chromatic neutrality

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NiSi ND32000 15 stops (4.5) Circular for NiSi S5 Holder

NiSi neutral density (ND) filters are the ideal tool for managing light in the field. Thanks to the wide range of densities available, NiSi ND filters allow you to extend shutter speeds even in bright conditions. Managing light with ND Filters allows you to have a fourth way to control exposure (in addition to ISO, time and aperture).

The ND32000 15 Stop NiSi filter reduces the light by 32000 times without altering the colours, therefore it allows you to lengthen the shutter speed 32000 times (for example from 1/1000 “to about 30”, or from 1/60 “to about 8 minutes and 40 “).


All NiSi square use Nano Coating®, this wording indicates the use of the exclusive Nano Coating treatment which makes the filter water-repellent and oleophobic for perfect sharpness. NiSi filters also use IR technology, i.e. the coating that blocks infrared light, and therefore eliminates the risk of magenta colour cast.

Unparalleled Quality

NiSi filters are all made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass so as not to lose even the smallest detail in your images. The special Nano Coating coating on both sides minimises unwanted reflections and gives the NiSi neutral density filters the characteristic of being water-repellent and oleophobic. There are no comparable quality filters thanks to the exclusive NiSi glass used, with which you can be confidant that your lenses will not lose definition.

Unique on the market

Thanks to the very high chromatic correspondence and absence of dominant colours, you can finally say goodbye to impractical and time consuming colour corrections in post production. NiSi optical glass is not the classic B270 used by many manufacturers, but it is a superior quality glass used by the major manufacturers of photographic lenses specifically for the finest optical elements, NiSi filters do not degrade the image and your lens and photographic sensor will always work at maximum of their potential.


The Nano® Coating treatment gives the filter the quality of repelling water and oils, making cleaning very easy even in extreme conditions or with the presence of sea water. The finishing of the edges and the rounded corners improve the resistance of the filter and the grip. Our filters and holders are born to be used outdoors, in any weather situation, enjoy photography in its purest essence.



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