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NiSi V5 ALPHA Holder 100mm (no polariser, with 82mm ring)


NiSi V5 ALPHA Holder 100mm (no polariser, with 82mm ring)
  • Includes 82mm ring (without rotation of the polariser), DOES NOT include other adapter rings.
  • Includes a Holder for 3 100mm filters, 1 ring without space for 82mm polariser. DOES NOT include the polariser.
  • Possibility to transform the V5 Alpha into a V5 PRO by adding the 82mm main ring and the Polariser.
  • You cannot use the polarisers for V5 PRO on the V5 Alpha without first purchasing the 82mm main ring
  • High build quality and mechanical vignetting absent at 16 / 17mm on Full Frame.

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NiSi V5 ALPHA Holder 100mm (no polariser, with 82mm ring)

NiSi’s 100mm V5 ALPHA Holder System is the most accessible 100mm filter holder in the V5 PRO range. Like the rest of the range, it is made with unprecedented build quality. The ALPHA NiSi V5 Holder allows you to simultaneously use up to 3 square filters without vignetting at 16mm on Full-Frame and can rotate 360 ​​° to adjust the GND filters without problems. CNC machined from a single block of aluminium,  it is coated with a matt black protective coating to minimise unwanted reflections.

With a similar in design to the V5 Pro, includes a newly designed 82mm adapter ring (not a main 82mm adaptor with CPL rotation). It does NOT include other adapter rings, but is compatible with the rings of the V5 PRO/V6. It does NOT include the polariser and the main ring for the rotation of the CPL but it can be upgraded with the 82mm main ring of the V5 PRO and related customised polarisers.

You can use your V5 Alpha and choose which rings to add and when to update to the V5 Pro by purchasing only the extra pieces you need!

Attention: This holder does not include the polariser like the V5 PRO holder, to transform it into a V5 PRO it is necessary to add the 82mm main ring and the polariser.

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