System 150 S6

NiSi S6 PRO NC UV for S6 150mm Holder


Circular screw-in PRO NC UV for the NiSi S6 Filter Holder
  • Compatible with NiSi S6 150mm filter system
  • Can screw into a NiSi S6 150mm filter holder adapter ring
  • Absorbs UV light and reduces bluish cast of daylight
  • High-quality optical glass
  • Nano coating, waterproof coating, and low reflection
  • Does not require adjustments to exposure while in use

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SKU: uknisi0727
Official NiSi UK Guarantee
Nano® coating
Official technical support
99% colour accuracy
Absorbs Ultraviolet Light
No vignetting

NiSi S6 PRO NC UV for S6 150mm Holder

The NiSi S6 PRO NC UV is designed for use with a NiSi S6 150mm filter holder system. It can screw into the holder adapter ring after the kit’s included Pro/Landscape Screw-In Circular Polariser Filter has been removed. When in use, this filter absorbs ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish cast of daylight. Aside from the reduction of unwanted blue casts, no additional coloration or contrast is created, and adjustments to exposure are not required while using this filter.

When the NiSi S6 PRO NC UV is used, 50% of ultraviolet light waves are absorbed at 395 nanometers, before which they are progressively eliminated, helping to limit the light that enters a camera to the visible spectrum. The appearance of blue casts that can occur while recording video or still photos under daylight that also features ultraviolet light is reduced, preserving color accuracy throughout the frame.

The NiSi S6 PRO NC UV is constructed from optical glass for increased clarity as well as color fidelity while providing approximately 98.5% transmission of visible light.  Our proprietary NiSi Pro Nano Coating helps to reduce unwanted reflections and provides a waterproof and scratch-resistant layer to assist in the cleaning of unwanted fingerprints, dust, and water stains.

Please note: if using this with an older generation S5 adaptor, the S6 holder frame must be used in combination.

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