Tim Monaghan is a landscape photographer based in the picturesque county of Dorset, UK. Passionate about capturing the unspoiled beauty of the natural world, he breathes life into his subjects through his lens, with a specific focus on the Dorset region, including the iconic Jurassic Coast and New Forest.

At heart, Tim is an adventurer, driven by his love for the great outdoors, which has led him to explore diverse corners of the planet. Iceland holds a special place in his heart, drawn to its extreme weather conditions and the interplay of light across the landscape. Tim believes that freezing a moment in time is a way to share his passion and inspire others to appreciate the beauty of the planet.

Tim takes immense joy in teaching others the art of landscape photography. Through his wild camping and photography workshops, he strives to encourage others to be more active and become stewards of the environment. His photography goes beyond being mere art; it serves as a means to inspire and motivate people to protect and cherish the natural world around them.

Tim has been fortunate enough to have his work featured by esteemed brands such as The North Face and Practical Photography magazine. He was truly honored to be nominated as one of Forestry England’s “Instagram accounts to follow if you love nature,” recognizing his unwavering dedication to landscape photography.

Tim’s Gear Bag

What got you into photography?


I’ve had a fascination with the outdoors since I was a kid, and that love for nature has stuck with me into adulthood. About seven years ago, I decided to start taking photos on my outdoor adventures. My main goal was to share my experiences with family and friends, showing them what I’d been up to and the amazing places I’d seen. I hoped that by doing so, I could inspire them to get outdoors and enjoy nature more.

What really excites me about photography is the ability to capture unique moments that might never happen again. Nature is full of unpredictable and beautiful scenes, from stunning sunsets to unexpected wildlife encounters. Through my camera, I can freeze these moments in time, allowing others to appreciate the beauty and fleeting nature of the world around us.

In a nutshell, my photography is all about sharing the wonders of the outdoors and encouraging others to explore and appreciate the natural world. It’s also about preserving those special moments that make each outdoor adventure truly memorable.

Talk me through your favourite shot with NiSi filters


One of my standout shots with Nisi Filters is a recent one I captured at Arne in Dorset. It’s an image I had been eager to photograph for some time. This particular scene features the vibrant purple heather, a serene waterbody dotted with small sailing boats, and a breathtaking sunrise. I consider myself fortunate to have finally captured this moment, and the Nisi filters played a crucial role in enhancing the colours to match exactly how I envisioned them.

What is your dream location to Photograh?


When I think about my dream location for photography, one place that has always held a special place in my heart…. Iceland. I’ve been to Iceland half a dozen times and its landscapes are a photographer’s paradise, a realm where the forces of nature converge in ways that are both awe-inspiring and humbling.

The sheer diversity of scenery in Iceland is astonishing. From the vast glaciers that seem to stretch to the horizon to the dramatic volcanic landscapes that offer a glimpse into the Earth’s raw power, every corner of this island nation is a visual masterpiece waiting to be captured.

The ethereal beauty of Iceland’s waterfalls, the otherworldly landscapes of the Highlands, and the ever-changing drama of the Northern Lights are all elements that have fueled my passion for photography.

However, as my journey in photography has progressed, my aspirations have also evolved. While Iceland remains a dream destination, I find myself increasingly drawn to the majesty of mountains and the pristine beauty of snow-covered landscapes.

In this regard, the Swiss Alps and Norway have emerged as my current ideal photography locations. These regions offer a different kind of grandeur, with towering peaks and serene, snow-covered vistas that speak to my deep love for mountains and snow.

So, while Iceland will always be a place of wonder and inspiration for me, my photography dreams have now taken me to the Swiss Alps and Norway. 

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