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75mm Starter Kit

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Kit with 3 filters, NiSi M75 filter holder with PRO CPL and accessories.
  • M75 filter Holder with PRO polariser included
  • GND and ND filters in optical glass, anti-reflection coating, anti-infrared light and without colour cast
  • NiSi Natural Night® filter included
  • Lens Cap included, with which the M75 can always remain attached to the lens
  • Great saving compared to single products purchases

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NiSi M75 Starter Kit – 75mm filters, holder and accessories

The Starter Kit with 75mm filters and M75 holder by NiSi was created with in mind the needs of photographers who approach the world of photography with square filters and want a complete kit.

The M75 Starter kit includes:

    • 1 x NiSi M75 Holder with PRO polariser
    • 1 x NiSi ND Filter 75x80mm Nano IR – ND1000 (3.0) – 10 Stop
    • 1 x NiSi ND Filter 75x80mm Nano IR – ND64 (1.8) – 6 Stop
    • 1 x NiSi GND Filter 75x100mm Nano IR Medium – GND8 (0.9) – 3 Stop
    • 1 x pouch for M75 Holder
    • 1 x Lens Cap for M75 Holder (to keep the adaptor ring and polariser mounted on your lens)
    • Clever Cleaner – for cleaning optical glass filters
    • Cleaning Cloth – for cleaning optical glass filters


Compatible with all lenses with 40.5mm to 67mm thread, adapter rings are available here.

Complete with four filters and accessories, it allows you to have all the necessary filters to go immediately shooting.

ND Filter 75x80mm Nano IR – ND1000 (3.0) – 10 Stop

The ND 75x80mm 10 Stop (ND1000) is a neutral density filter that uniformly reduces the amount of light entering the lens. The ND1000 10 Stop is also used during the day, outside the golden hour, as high ambient light requires more “light blocking”. This filter can extend the exposure by up to 5 minutes during the golden hour with the appropriate settings. Its extreme versatility and propensity for experimentation make it one of the most popular filters for photographers.

ND Filter 75x80mm Nano IR – ND64 (1.8) – 6 Stop

The ND 75x80mm 6 Stop (ND64) is a neutral density (ND) filter that uniformly reduces the amount of light entering the lens. ND filters are used to manage light and achieve the movement effect (long exposure). The ND 6 Stop 75x80mm NiSi is also made of exclusive NiSi optical glass, with anti-reflection treatment, IR block and Nano Coating®. The ND64 6 stop ND filter is generally used during the golden hour (golden hour) to create 1-2 minute exposures. A 6 stop is also great for capturing the dynamism of the water while maintaining a certain consistency, usually shooting before or at the beginning of the golden hour.

GND Filter 75x100mm ND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Medium

The filter GND Medium 3 Stop 75x100mm is a rectangular filter that helps darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies, allowing unaltered exposure in other parts of the image. As with all NiSi filters, it is made of the highest quality optical glass so as not to reduce the detail of your lenses. It also features Nano treatment and IR. The Nano Coating® makes the filter water repellent, for easy cleaning and maximum detail. The IR block avoids the dominant, especially magenta, for a great colour match. The filter is denser at the top and fades to the centre, with a medium transition line between dense and clear areas. A GND filter (graduated at neutral density) with a medium transition is particularly useful for images with buildings, small mountains and other elements protruding from the skyline. The transition zone of GND Medium filter is 40% smaller than that of GND Soft. GND 3 Stop Medium is perfect as a first filter due to its versatility. It can be combined with a Soft or Hard/Reverse filter after the experience has shown which one is best for you.

The NiSi ND filters do not affect the colour tones of the image, they offer a faithful colour and are made of the highest quality optical glass (not resin) with Nano Coating® coating to avoid losing every single bit of detail. Using a neutral density filter, the camera’s sensor is vulnerable to infrared light which produces a dominant red/magenta. NiSi ND filters have an infrared protection layer to eliminate the colour casts and maintain a precise colour match.

The NiSi M75 Starter Kit represents a saving compared to the separate purchase of all included items.

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  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Great starter kit

    • NiSi UK (store manager)

      Thank you for your custom Chris and for the excellent reviews – much appreciated.

  2. Hugh Hamilton (verified owner)

  3. Mark (verified owner)

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