NiSi Circular Allure Mist White/Black filters

Circular Allure Mist Diffusion Filters Black and White

NiSi Allure Mist Diffusion Circular filters reduce the contrast that can lead to excessive sharpness with modern cinema, DSLR and mirrorless camera lenses. 

Diffusion filters are considered essential in many productions to create specific effects or simply to soften light or reduce the appearance of blemishes in the actor’s skin, particularly useful in close-up work where modern technology can produce an image that is too sharp and not flattering.

There are two primary types of Mist diffusion filters, all available in 4×5.65″, 6.6×6.6″ and Circular sizes.

Allure Mist White

White mist is an evenly coated filter that causes light to “bloom” and creates hazy/lifted shadows, so would be used where an atmospheric shot is required.

Allure Mist Black

Black mist filters are created with the addition of small black flecks so will still create a halation around points of light and soften skin, however, controls the light differently and leaves shadows unaffected.

Black mist Circular comes in strengths ranging from 1/8 to 1 stop – with 1 stop being the strongest effect while the White mist Circular comes in 1/4 strength. They range from 49mm to 82mm in thread sizes.

If you have not used mist filters before, a good starting point is 1/4.

Allure Mist Diffusion filters are also available in Cinema format, 4×5.65″ and 6.6″x6.6″

Circular NiSi Allure Mist Diffusion Black/White filter range

Allure Mist Diffusion filter photos comparison and videos

no filter 6black mist 1 2 6
no filter 04white mist 04
no filter 5black mist 1 4 5
no filter 7white mist 7

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