NiSi Filtro UV Ti Pro Nano Cut 395

NiSi produces three ranges of UV filters to meet the needs of all photographers, professionals and amateurs.

Available in many sizes up to 105mm, NiSi screw UV filters are made of the highest quality, lens grade optical glass, so as not to miss even the smallest detail in your images.

The NiSi UV Filters are unique in the way they are built, the coating and the transmission of visible light.

Choose your NiSi UV Filter

NiSi Armor FX PRO Nano L395 UV Protection Filter

  • Visible light transmission 99.3%
  • Brass structure
  • Ultimate Protective Shield: Endures heavy impacts, hammer blows, and explosions, ensuring unmatched lens protection
  • Ultra Slim Brass Twill Frame: 3.5mm frame with knurling for easy grip; no vignetting on wide-angle lenses, including at 14mm
  • UV Protection: Absorbs UV light below 395nm, enhancing image clarity by reducing interference
  • Available from 40.5mm to 95mm

UV HUC Filter (ultra hard coating)

  • Visible light transmission 99.3%
  • Aluminium structure
  • Anti-reflectivewater-repellent and oleophobic base treatment
  • High transmission and transparency
  • 365nm UV light blocking
  • Available from 37mm to 105mm

UV filter HT HUC MC High Transmission

  • Visible light transmission 99.2%
  • Brass structure
  • Anti-reflectivewater-repellent and oleophobic base treatment
  • High transmission and transparency
  • 365nm UV light blocking
  • Available from 37mm to 105mm

UV filter Ti Pro Nano Cut-395 UV

  • Visible light transmission 99.4%
  • Titanium structure
  • Anti-reflectivewater-repellent, oleophobic and NiSi Nano® treatment
  • Highest transmission, transparency and resistance
  • 395nm UV light blocking
  • Available with 77, 82 and 95mm thread

Characteristics of UV filters

UV filters are used to prevent UV light from reaching the sensor and to protect the lens from shocks, scratches and bad weather. Wavelengths of light below 395nm, can cause a slight bluish cast in daytime shots with strong light and so a good UV filter is essential to balance this out. Let’s see the main features to keep in mind when buying a UV filter:

  • Optical Glass: At NiSi there are no compromises, so we use the same high-quality optical glass in our filters as we do in the rest of our range, it makes no sense to reduce the quality of the lens to protect it. The NiSi UV filters have a visible light transmission of 99.2% (UV filter HT HUC MC) and 99.4% (UV filter Ti Pro Nano Cut-395).
  • Structure: the filter frame is very important because it affects several factors. The weight may seem negligible, but it must be taken into consideration for its handling and in the event of a fall. Furthermore, the resistance to high or low temperatures of the material is essential to allow practical use in all situations and easy fitting and removal.  NiSi UV filters are made of brass (HT HUC MC UV filter) or Titanium (Ti Pro Nano Cut-395 UV filter).
  • Break Resistance: AS UV filters are also used to protect your precious lenses, it is essential that the glass is hardened and more resistant than a normal photographic filter. The UV filter could still break if the lens unfortunately falls, but is still more durable than an untreated filter and may still save your lens – a worthwhile and cost-effective sacrifice. 
  • Treatments (coating): All NiSi UV filters have anti-reflective treatments to avoid unpleasant effects such as flare or ghosting. They also all have a UV treatment to absorb wavelength of light below 395nm which can cause a bluish cast on particularly sunny days and high sun. The HT HUC MC UV filter also has a water-repellent and oleophobic base treatment, while the Ti Pro Nano Cut-395 UV filter has several treatments including NiSi’s Nano Coating.

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