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NiSi manufacture a wide range of screw-in circular filters to meet the needs of all photographers; professionals and amateurs alike. NiSi Circular filters are made of the highest quality optical glass to preserve the finest detail in your images.  Our filters are the high quality solution for photographers who want to extend the boundaries of their creativity without the use of holder based systems. NiSi circular screw-in filters are available in all popular sizes up to 95mm.

The NiSi Circular Filter Range

  • UV filters help to protect your image from the negative effect of ultraviolet rays (blue shades, haze effect and colour tone alteration.) Made with the highest quality neutral optical glass, they are also used to protect the front lens of your lens without losing detail.
  • Circular Polarisers (CPL) allow you to manage reflections and are great for shooting water where the reflection on the water would reduce visible detail. They also serve to further saturate and enrich colour in your shots. Also available in the Landscape version with Titanium structure and accentuated polarisation. The “Circular” in Circular Polarisers refers to the nature of the polarisation, not the shape of the filter.
  • ND (Neutral Density) filters are used to extend shutter speeds or use wider apertures even in bright conditions. One of the most common uses is to decrease the depth of field with strong brightness, to make the water look like silk and to make people disappear from the crowded areas. 3, 6, 10 and 15 Stop screw-in ND filters available.
Circular filters
Filtro polarizzatore
  • ND64 + CPL is a one of a kind filter designed by NiSi. IT is a 6 stop (1.8) filter with built in polarising layer allowing you to adjusted by simply rotating the filter.
  • Variable ND 1 – 5 & 5 – 9 Stop: The perfect filter for the videographer. This filter boasts the Nano, IR and anti-glare treatments exclusive to NiSi. The Variable ND allows you to adjust the light absorption up to 9 stops with no chromatic defects or the dreaded “X” effect. More info here.
  • The NiSi Natural Night filter is a game changing filter which allows the photographer to reduce light pollution in their night-time photography by reducing wavelengths in the 500nm range . More information is available on the Natural Night page.
  • Circular Filter Kits are available allowing you to buy filters in the most popular sizes offering savings of over 30% bas compared to buying the filters individually.

Choose your Circular Screw Filter

Circular ND filters

112mm Circular filters for Nikon Z 14-24 f/2.8

Circular Polarisers (CPL)

UV Filters

Filters for video and photography

The Allure Streak filter allows simulates the effect of anamorphic lenses on highlights. Allure Soft Diffusion is a light diffusion filter, with wide uses for creating atmosphere, softening highlights and covering details or imperfections on very sharp close-ups. Find out more on the dedicated page.

Natural Night® Filter

The first, the original, and, proudly, the never matched NiSi Natural Night for night photography. Find out more about our night photography filters at the dedicated page.

Circular Filter Kits

NiSi Circular Filter kits allow you to save over 30% compared to the purchase of single products. We offer various mixed kits with UV, CPL (and Landscape CPL), Natural Night and ND1000. For those who are focused on landscape photography, we have created two special kits with 3 or 4 ND filters. If, on the other hand, you prefer to choose filters individually, you will find the whole selection of single filters above.

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