NiSi Cinema Allure Streak filters 2mm

cinema allure streak filters nisi

Anamorphic streak without the expense of an anamorphic lens.

The NiSi Allure Streak Filter is the latest product line in our Cinema Filter range and enables you to create dramatic, cinematic anamorphic flaring effect in-camera without the need for expensive anamorphic lenses or, even more expensive, post-production.

The Allure streak filter is comprised of a series of parallel filaments that pick up every bright point of light to create the flare effect. The filaments are a translucent blue so will turn white light blue and, in the presence of extremely bright lighting or lighting of different colours will produce a different colour. E.g a strong red light will produce a purple flare.

The NiSi Allure Streak Filter is currently offered in the most popular version: BLUE 2mm line spacing.

NiSi Cine filters are made of a NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass of the highest quality so as not to lose even the smallest detail and to make them durable over time. The glass is treated with the best and most up to date techniques for multi-coating and with a special anti-scratch coating.

nisi cinema allure streak filters
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