Photography Workshops and NiSi Events

Lee Frost, NiSi UK Ambassador

The photographic Events and Workshops organised by the NiSi UK Ambassadors are the ideal opportunity to get to know how professional photographers work, improve how to use at best your camera and master your own technique, and, of course, to try NiSi products on the field.

All courses are taught by professionals and with particular attention to the quality of teaching and the use of photographic equipment in the field. A NiSi Event or workshop will always have filters (square and circular) and Holders available, so the equipment will never be a limiting factor. Obviously, each participant can use the equipment for free for the duration of the course and will receive a discount voucher at the end of the course. When we produce our filters and holders we always have quality in mind, and our photography Events and Workshops are no exception.

A photography course that redefines standards

From NiSi photographic Events and Workshops you can expect only the best, updated techniques and effective post production tips, extensive knowledge of all filters on the market and their use in the field. To give you an idea of ​​what you will learn from our ambassadors, this is a non-exhaustive list of the topics covered:

  • Photography and planning: the importance of precise planning
  • The long exposure, technique, advice and light management
  • How to use the filters: polarisers, ND, GND and Reverse to get the most out of each shooting session
  • The shutter speed and creativity, theoretical and practical examples
  • Composition outside the classical schemes, knowing the rules and know when and how to follow them
  • Advanced composition with shapes, lights and colours. The weight of each element in the photograph
NiSi UK Events and Ambassadors workshops

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