The NiSi True Color ND-VARIO Variable 1-5 stops filter is the ideal tool for photographers who want to approach the world of long exposures and for videographers who want to be able to control the light in real time during shooting, without introducing any type of artefact or aberration.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the absorption from 1 to 5 stops, the filter is very versatile, and allows you to obtain the times that the photographer / videographer wants to have.

Variable NiSi ND-VARIO filters in optical glass with Nano-coating
  • Reduce exposure 1 to 5 Stops
  • SLIM construction and precise rotation
  • New True Color film added to the optical glass for high color fidelity without “X effect”
  • Highest quality HUC (High-ultra Clarity) optical glass, a NiSi exclusive,
    with Nano coating and water repellent for easy cleaning
  • Two-colours design with high quality and embossed materials for a secure grip, with removable pin for manual control over the entire ring.

Available in:40.5, 43, 46 ,49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 and 95mm

The best from a variable ND filter

Variable ND filters are not real ND filters but are formed by two superimposed polarized films that rotate at a precise angle and absorb a variable amount of light. Only by using the best glass, precise construction and the best films is it possible to build a variable neutral density filter that is also of high quality. Although a variable filter will never be a true ND, our variables come as close to it as possible.

What is NiSi’s strength?

NiSi has overcome the paradigm of third party production (OEM), classic distribution with different intermediaries and constructive compromises to get a high price premium. NiSi designs, manufactures and distributes its products directly (or through a selected group of partners). This allows us to obtain the best quality glass and components, without compromises, while maintaining a competitive price point.

Our variable filters are an example of this: lens grade optical glass is granted exclusively by NiSi in the field of photographic filters, you will find it only in the best photographic lenses and cinemas. NiSi Nano Coating has been specially developed to make the filter repellent to water and oil while maintaining a very high sharpness. The films that allow the filter to vary the density are designed to minimize defects and dark spots*, completely eliminating the so-called “x effect” or “cross effect” that most variable ND filters suffer from.

VARIO NiSi ND filters are also particularly suitable for portrait photography when we want to maintain a wide aperture and therefore a shallow depth of field in case of lots of light.

Variable NiSi ND-VARIO filters with Nano-coating in optical glass
Variable NiSi ND-VARIO filters with Nano-coating in optical glass
Variable NiSi ND-VARIO filters with Nano-coating in optical glass

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    *NiSi variable filters are the state of the art for a variable filter, but in any case, variable filters are not real ND filters (of any brand). A variable filter is always constructed using paired polarizers. NiSi uses the best quality glass and pays maximum attention to construction and polarizing film, plus it designs, manufactures and distributes its products directly. A variable ND filter will never have the same quality with the same construction and materials as an ND filter. Therefore, we always recommend a true ND filter for specific applications where the advantages of a variable filter are not fundamental.

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