From filters for the reduction of light pollution from artificial lights to Stars softeners, all you need to know regarding the NiSi Night Filters range

NiSi Natural Night filter

NiSi Star Soft GND

NiSi Star Soft filter: a dreamy NightScape on every shot.

The NiSi Star Soft filter has been designed with the primary function of making the stars appear bigger in the night sky.

The NiSi Star Soft filter is made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass and is coated with the exclusive NiSi nano coating, which will allow you to maximise transmittance and minimise unwanted flares, making the constellations and stars sparkle in your nighty sky images.

  • Made of lens grade optical glass for precision
  • Water repellent coating on both sides
  • Make stars appear bigger
  • Control the effect on the foreground by sliding the filter up and down
  • Make the constellations and stars sparkle in your night sky images

NiSi Natural Night filter

The Star Soft Astrophotography Filter is designed just like a GND filter with the effects full strength on the top 100mm of the filter, while the bottom 50mm is clear with no effect (110mm and bottom 60mm for the 150x170mm version). This will allow placement so the effect can enhance the stars without affecting the foreground. Some photographers tell us they love the effect also on the foreground so the filter can be pushed all the way down in the filter holder to have the effect over the entire scene.

NiSi Natural Night Filter

Reduction of light pollution from artificial lights

NiSi Natural Night filter
  • Made in lens grade optical glass
  • Compatible with V6 and 100mm and 150mm filter holders (2mm thickness)
  • Water repellent coating on both sides
  • Reduces light pollution by cutting the frequencies of artificial lights
  • The original and best artificial light reduction filter, with the best optical quality and frequency reduction
  • Copied by everyone, never equaled.

The perfect filters for night photography!

Learn about the Natural Night filter

NiSi Natural Night filter

With mercury, sodium and low CRI lampposts, the night sky is now so rich in light pollution in urban and rural areas that it alters the natural visual perception.

These interferences, combined with the normal presence of small drops of humidity suspended in the atmosphere, create haze and yellow/orange halos that reduce visibility. This doesn’t just affect urban photography as the light pollution from distant urban areas can interfere with rural photography.

In night photography, both in and out of town, this translates into images characterised by unnatural colours due to the wavelengths of the artificial lights.

For this reason, NiSi has created the Natural Night filter. This filter allows you to block the most common wavelengths of light pollution, giving your images a more pleasing and natural colour.

The filter is made of high quality, lens grade optical glass so as not to have any reduction in sharpness and is coated with the exclusive NiSi nano coating. This delivers maximum transmittance and reduces flare.

The Natural Night filter also has an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating allowing you to shoot in any weather condition and to clean the filter with ease.

Examples of the NiSi Natural Night and Star Soft filters on night photography

Natural Night Filter

Foto senza filtro NiSi Natural NightFoto con filtro NiSi Natural Night
nisi natural night1nisi natural night2
natural night1natural night2

Star Soft GND

d no filter chris crosbyd with nisi star soft filter chris crosby
b no filter paul wilsonb with nisi star soft filter paul wilson
a no filter paul wilsona with nisi star soft filter paul wilson

NiSi Natural Night and Star Soft GND: choose your size, from circular to square, or a Drone size. What suits you most, we have it here!

All the quality of NiSi filters even at night.

NiSi Natural Night filter

The Natural Night filter and Star Soft GND are built only with the best optical glass available. Designed for reducing light pollution and soften the stars and constellations, they are another example of the high quality production process that has allowed us to create high performing glass at a competitive prices. Thanks to the special treatment to which it has been subjected, the loss of brightness is imperceptible and the definition remains at the highest levels across the field of view.

Like the rest of the NiSi Nano Coating® range, the Natural Night filter and Star Soft GND also have a Nano Coating treatment that reduces reflections and eliminates flare, facilitating cleaning thanks to its hydro-repellency and oil-repellency characteristics.

NiSi Natural Night filter

As you can see in the graph opposite, the NiSi Natural Night filter cuts light almost completely in the 575nm590nm range; this is the range most commonly associated with artificial light pollution. It is this precise control over light, and the resultant images created with it, that have made the NiSi Natural Night one of the most popular, and most imitated, filters.

Learn more about the Natural Night filter and how to use it in this tutorial.

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