Canon 11-24 180x210mm 3 Stop soft edge GND

NiSi GND Filters for Canon 11-24 are a series of professional grade 180x210mm GND (Graduated ND) filters designed for owners of the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens.

GND filters overcome the limits of the dynamic range of your camera allowing you to capture details in the lightest areas of your scene without losing any of the detail in the darker areas. Seascapes are good example of a scene where there is a strong contrast in between the lightest and darkest areas.

Their high quality lens grade, optical glass construction allows you to capture every little detail of your scene without distortion or colour cast.

The NiSi GND filters deliver maximum quality without compromise. The 180mm NiSi filters for Canon 11-24 are most effective when used with the original NiSi holder.

Choose your GND Filter

GND Filters for Canon 11-24

NiSi GND Filters: Your best ally in the field

  • Made of high quality optical glass
  • Superb colour rendition with no loss of detail
  • Available with Soft and Hard transitions
  • Available in popular 3-stop density
  • Special IR coating for infrared filtration
  • With Nano Coating® for perfect detail and easy cleaning
  • Specially created for the Canon 11-24 f / 4

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