Allure Streak Circular Filter – Blue 82mm


NiSi Allure Streak filter for “anamorphic streak” effects – 82mm Blue 2mm
  • 82mm Circular
  • Blue – 2mm
  • NiSi Lens Grade Optical Glass
  • Four other colours available through special order
  • 1mm density available through special order
  • Anamorphic streak without expensive lenses or post-production
  • Also available in 4×5.65″ and 6.6×6.6″

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NiSi Optical Glass
Anamorphic effect

The NiSi Allure Streak Filter for anamorphic streak effects in cinematography and photography

The NiSi Allure Streak filter is the latest addition to our cinema range of products and allows you to easily replicate the effect of an anamorphic streak in your cinematography, and thanks to the addition to the range of a circular size, your photography as well.

The construction of the filter means that as the light hits the filaments, it is distributed, after correct adjustment of the focal range, across the shot. The benefit of a streak filter is that every bright point of light is picked up by the filter, this is far more cost-effective than trying to manually add the effect in post production.

The product is initially available in the blue/2mm variation however the full range also includes red, green, yellow and black and in 1mm and 2mm (relating to the spacing between filaments) variations depending upon the strength of the effect you desire.

*Video shot with Blue 2mm

Please note, that because the filaments are translucent, a strong coloured light source will give a different effect. E.g shooting white light with a blue streak filter will give you a blue effect, but shooting strong yellow light with a blue streak filter will give a green effect.