System 150

Natural Night Filter 150x150mm


NiSi Natural Night filter: for the night, for shots in the city and to make your shots unique.
  • Made of lens grade optical glass for precision
  • Water repellent coating on both sides
  • Reduces light pollution by cutting the frequencies of artificial lights
  • The first (often copied, never improved) artificial light reduction filter, with the best optical quality and precise frequency reduction

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Natural Night Filter for night photography and astrophotography – Often copied, never bettered.

The NiSi Natural Night filter has been designed with the primary function of cutting the most common wavelengths in artificial lights. These types of filters have always been used in the observation and photography of the deep sky but have rarely been adapted for use on photographic lenses.

The NiSi Natural Night filter is made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass to have no reduction in sharpness and is coated with the exclusive NiSi nano coating, which will allow you to maximise transmittance and minimise unwanted flares.

The Natural Night filter also has an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to allow you to shoot in any weather condition and to clean the filter with ease. The special colouring and coating applied cut most of the frequencies of artificial lights.

Natural Night Example:

NiSi Natural Night senza filtroNiSi Natural Night con filtro

Foto non post prodotta.

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