System 100

Star Soft Filter 100×150 mm



NiSi Star Soft filter: a dreamy NightScape on every shot.
  • Made of lens grade optical glass for precision
  • Water repellent coating on both sides
  • Make stars appear bigger
  • Control the effect on the foreground by sliding the filter up and down
  • Make the constellations and stars sparkle in your night sky images
  • Available also in 150x170mm version

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Weather resistant
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Star Soft Filter for night photography and astrophotography.

The NiSi Star Soft filter has been designed with the primary function of making the stars appear bigger in the night sky.

The NiSi Star Soft filter is made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass and is coated with the exclusive NiSi nano coating, which will allow you to maximise transmittance and minimise unwanted flares, making the constellations and stars sparkle in your nighty sky images.

The Star Soft Astrophotography Filter is designed just like a GND filter with the effects full strength on the top 100mm of the filter, while the bottom 50mm is clear with no effect. This will allow placement so the effect can enhance the stars without affecting the foreground. Some photographers tell us they love the effect also on the foreground so the filter can be pushed all the way down in the filter holder to have the effect over the entire scene.

The Star Soft filter also has an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to allow you to shoot in any weather condition and to clean the filter with ease.

Star Soft Examples:

a no filter paul wilsona with nisi star soft filter paul wilson
e no filter chris crosbye with nisi star soft filter chris crosby
b no filter paul wilsonb with nisi star soft filter paul wilson

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