cinema filter range

The NiSI 4×5.65″ 6K Cinematic IR Soft Graduated ND filters are available in densities of 1 to 4 stops. Thanks to the incredible quality of the IR and Nano treatments of NiSi cinema filters, you will always get the highest possible colour rendition.

The horizontal graduation is darkest at the top of the filter and attenuates down to just below the mid-point of the filter. Soft graduated filters are used when you need to stop down to preserve sky detail but don’t want to lose foreground information.

The NiSi Cine filters are made of a NiSi exclusive lens grade optical glass of the highest quality so as not to lose even the smallest detail and to make them durable over time. The glass is treated with the best and most up to date techniques for multi-coating and with a special anti-scratch coating. “IR” indicates the presence of the coating to block the infrared light, and therefore a deliver a better chromatic correspondence.

Thanks to the absence of colour cast, you can finally say goodbye to too expensive and time consuming colour correction in post-production.

Our Cinema 4×5.65″ filters are in the standard 4mm thickness.