Macro Photography

Macro Focusing Rail NM-200s


New Macro Rail, length 200mm (180mm available)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible mounting
  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick-mounting plate
  • Long plate for use with telephoto lenses
  • New Quick Adjustment clamp with a push button
  • New rail for easier adjustment
  • New folding rotation knob
  • Engraved graduated scale for precise adjustments
  • Tripod mounting ⅜” and ¼”
  • Four (removable) feet for direct use on tables/surfaces
  • Length 200 mm with available area of 180 mm
  • For each rotation of the knob the deviation is 1 mm
  • Aluminium machined with high-precision numerical control machinery
  • 2-axis and 4 ways movement can be realised with two (2x) coupled NiSi NM-200s rails

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Made from Aviation-grade aluminium
Arca-Swiss/RRS compatible

New NiSi NM-200s Macro Rail (Focusing Rail) for Macro Photography

Following the unprecedented popularity of the NiSi Macro Close-up Lens for 67, 72 and 77mm lenses and the Macro Focusing Rail NM-180, we have again listened to our customers and produced the brand new NiSi Macro Focusing Rail NM-200s with several improvements.

The biggest challenge for macro photographers is keeping the camera perfectly still in 3D space. Moving even a millimetre can cause the shot to miss, and it is easy to lose critical focus even with a tripod. This is why a macro rail is essential. The rail allows precise control over the distance between the lens and subject, the NiSi NM-200s has a length of 200mm and an available area of 180mm (1 mm travel per rotation), it can be used on a flat surface or by removing the pins it can be fixed on a tripod.

For dual-axis control (4 movements), the two systems can be stacked 90º to each other.

We are constantly making improvements to our products, some details may differ between the photos on this page and the actual product in the latest production.


The NiSi Macro Focusing Rail is compatible with the Arca-Swiss mount and is equipped with an Arca-Swiss quick release plate. The long plate is designed to facilitate locking and releasing the camera even with telephoto lenses. The bottom of the rail includes 3/8″ and 1/4″ mounts for all tripod heads compatible with this format (in fact all heads on the market, but we always recommend checking). There are four (removable) pins that allow it to be used directly on a table. The slide is 200mm long and has an adjustment range of 180mm n (travel of 1 mm per rotation of the knob). Both sides of the rail have engraved marks to further facilitate precise positioning.



The NiSi focusing rail is made of high-precision CNC-machined aluminium and has a corrosion-resistant anodised finish.

Thanks to the 3/8″ and 1/4″ screw attachment, the Macro Rail NM-200 is compatible with most tripods. The plate, which rotates 360°, can also hold telephoto lenses and the movement distances are conveniently engraved on the side of the rail.

New Quick Adjustment clamp added to smoothly move your camera back and forth with a simple push of a button.

macro nm200

NiSi macro rail for macrophotography

4-way macro rail?

For the discerning user who requires a very versatile 2-axis (4-way) movement, we recommend the purchase of two (2x) NiSi NM-200s slides. The perfect compatibility of two rails allows very high freedom of action, top features and very high quality.

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