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Macro Focusing Rail NM-180s

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NiSi Macro Photography Focusing Rail, 180mm length (up to 160mm adjustment range), Model: NM-180s
  • Arca-Swiss dovetail mount
  • Arca-Swiss type quick release foot-plate and clamp
  • New folding rotation knob
  • Included 1x Arca Swiss Quick release plate
  • ⅜” and ¼” tripod mounts
  • Four (removable) studs allowing use directly on a tabletop.
  • Adjustment range of 125-145mm
  • 1.25mm travel per revolution
  • 360º rotating head
  • Engraved index marks for precise positioning
  • CNC Machined Aluminium
  • 4-way movement can be achieved with two (2x) rails

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Focusing Rail for Macro Photography

Following the unprecedented popularity of the NiSi Macro Close-Up Lens for 67, 72 and 77mm lenses, we have once again listened to our customers and produced the NiSi NM-180s Macro Focusing Rail. The biggest challenge facing macro photographers is holding the camera perfectly steady in 3D space. Moving even a millimetre can throw the shot, so it’s easy to lose critical focus even with a tripod. This is where the focusing rail is essential. It gives you precise control over the distance between lens and subject. The NiSi Macro Focusing Rail has an adjustment range of 125 to 145mm subject to plate configuration (1.25mm travel per revolution.) and can be used on a flat surface or remove the studs to secure it to a tripod.  For dual-axis control, you can stack two systems at 90º to each other.

We continuously improve our products, some details may differ between the photos on this page and the actual latest product.


The NiSi Macro Focusing Rail is compatible with the Arca-Swiss dovetail mount and is equipped with an integrated Arca-Swiss type quick release foot-plate and clamp. The long plate for telephoto mounts is ergonomically designed for easy locking and release, and the bottom of the rail includes 3/8” and ¼” mounts for all compatible tripod heads, along with four (removable) studs allowing use directly on a tabletop. The rail has an adjustment range of 125 to 145mm subject to plate configuration (1.25mm travel per revolution) via the collapsible main thumb-screw or end-screw and a 360º rotating head. Both sides of the rail have engraved index marks to further aid precise positioning.


The NiSi focusing rail is made of high-precision CNC-machined aluminium and has a corrosion-resistant anodised finish. Thanks to the 3/8″ and 1/4″ screw attachment, the Macro Rail NM-180s is compatible with most tripods. The plate, which rotates 360°, can also hold telephoto lenses and the movement distances are conveniently engraved on the side of the rail.

The NiSi Macro Photography Focusing Rail

4 Way Macro Focusing Rail?

For the most demanding photographers who require accurate dual axis movement, we recommend the purchase of 2x (two) NiSi NM-180s rails. This perfect combination of two slides delivers total freedom of movement, with top of the range features, high quality and an amazing price thanks to the NiSi model.

focusing rail 4 ways

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Reviews for Macro Focusing Rail NM-180s

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  1. Gillian Price (verified owner)

    Well made and easy to use.

  2. Edward Caldwell (verified owner)

    Very good piece of kit and very good service

  3. Matt Moring (verified owner)

    Great product. Great service

    • aleputzu (store manager)

      Thank you Matt, enjoy your macro rail 🙂

  4. Ron M. (verified owner)


  5. David (verified owner)

    An excellent and well made piece of kit. I’ve used it to take images for a 52 image stack – perfect !

  6. Dennis (verified owner)

    Very useful piece of equipment for macro photography

  7. Roger Eastham (verified owner)

  8. Stephen E. (verified owner)

    I have shaky hands, so this was a really practical purchase. Now I can do single shots without shake or focus stacking. The movement is nice and smooth with the option to move in faster when you want to. Excellent!

  9. Martin G. (verified owner)

    Beautifully engineered and assembled. It arrived well packed in a sturdy cardboard box and the item itself is nicely presented in its own box. I am very pleased i went for the Nisi macro rail. Everything works as advertised and it just oozes quality.

  10. Heather (verified owner)

    Great product, great service

  11. David Barker (verified owner)

    Well made and good value. Excellent service from NISI.

  12. Michael Berry (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality at such a reasonable price.

  13. Lyn (verified owner)

    Solid stable way to achieve small movements.
    Great with Z6 and 105mm macro, even on tripod.

  14. t (verified owner)

    superbly engineered; precise and reliable in the field or the studio

  15. Mark Wright (verified owner)

    Excellent design beautifully executed. The handle is great, the pop out fast winder is good for video motion, the lobed body is much easier to turn in a balanced way than the round knob, contrary to popular YouTube opinion! The swivel camera mount is actually fluid damped and is amazing for video pans. This is a great macro tool AND a great video tool.

  16. Sam (verified owner)

    Well made solid piece of kit. Very happy

  17. Alistair Graham (verified owner)

    Very well engineered rail for the price point

  18. John Barlow (verified owner)

    Having four small legs, thankfully removeable, is an unecessary addition to the extremely well engineered rail. They can only be there to ensure that the quick adjustment via the small handle does not foul the work surface it might be placed on.
    But nobody would ever use it in a position that could accidentally be moved.
    Having said that this is an excellent focus rail and well worth the money. Each rotation shifts the load by 1.25 mm so it’s easy to make infinitesimal movements.
    Some may think the focus rail handle is a gimic, and I did at first. However it really is useful as a way to quickly shift the load along the avis.
    Definitely recommended. It does everything needed for a focus rail and has a quality feel to it

  19. Dave Duggan (verified owner)

    Great build quality and fast delivery.

  20. Ross Gooding (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit?

  21. Andrew S. (verified owner)

    I seem to be reviewing Nisi products that i’ve purchase quite regularly at the moment, guess that says a lot for their gear and service. This latest macro rail is so well made and functional, used it recently both as a macro rail and for pano, both attached to my tripod extender post which can be locked horizontally to extend camera reach and get close to subjects, did both with ease, also use the macro filter from Nisi, Highly rate both.

  22. Charles W. (verified owner)

    This rail is beautifully made. I used it today for the first time, and it works like a dream. You have to mount it properly to a decent pan-and-tilt tripod head (the rail’s screw-in legs are a complete waste of time), and the tripod head should ideally be mounted directly to the baseboard that holds your subject. A tripod is too cumbersome for macrophotography, and not nearly as solid as you think.

    The knurled knob is better than the handle for advancing your camera because it puts less stress on the system. Another good thing about the knob is that it has exactly 50 knurls. Since a complete turn of the knob advances your camera 1.25mm, inking every tenth knurl gives you easily controllable movements of 0.25mm a time. With a bit of ingenuity, you could make markers for much smaller incremental movements.

    Verdict: great value for money. Recommended.

  23. Andy McDonald (verified owner)

    I tried two other rails before getting this one – the quality is superb and delivery was quick

  24. Ian Ross (verified owner)

    Precise and smooth

  25. Roger K. (verified owner)

  26. Stephen Jones

    This macro rail is excellent value and works brilliantly. If it came with a tension adjustable clamp instead of the knurled thumbwheel it would be 5* could you please supply a clamp with this feature.

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