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Neutral Density filters 75x80mm in optical glass for NiSi M75 filter holder system. Compatible with other filter holders accepting 75mm wide and 2mm thick filters.

NiSi 75mm ND Filters

The 75x80mm NiSi ND filters (neutral density filters) are the ideal tool for long exposure photography.

To set no limits to your creativity, the 75x80mm NiSi ND filters are available in 3, 6, 10 and 15 f-stops. Thanks to the fantastic NiSi M75 filter holder you can mount up to two filters plus a circular polarising filter (included) without vignetting.

The NiSi ND filters of the IR series are made of very high-quality lens grade, optical glass (forget resin filters) to capture the finest details and with consistent quality and durability: the glass has special surface treatments to absorb light. This guarantees an incredible quality similar to the best photo lenses and therefore has an insignificant influence on sharpness.

Our special surface treatment also allows us to achieve natural tones without colour cast. You can finally say goodbye to colour corrections in digital post-processing. Don’t forget to always compare photos with the same white balance and tint, and close the DSLR camera’s viewfinder properly.

Choose your NiSi 75x80mm ND filter

NiSi 75mm ND Filters

NiSi ND Filters: Quality without compromise

  • No colour cast and very low reflectivity
  • No vignetting
  • Water and oil repellant coating
  • High-quality lens grade optical glass
  • Compatible with third-party Holder Systems (2mm thickness, 75mm wide)
  • Gasket protects against light leaking

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