To use the NiSi 100 and 150 series holders you will need NiSi adaptor rings. Adaptor rings come in a multitude of popular sizes allowing you to use one set of filters on a variety of different lenses. For maximum flexibility and security, all NiSi rings and adaptors use a thread rather than other, less secure, options.

Please note that threaded rings and adaptors should never be over-tightened. As soon as you begin to feel resistance you should stop turning. This will ensure the ring is fully secure without the risk of binding.

Rings and adaptors for 100mm System

NiSi adaptor rings for the V6 and V5 PRO holder systems are compatible with threaded lenses from 49mm upwards. If you own a Tokina 11-20 f / 2.8, we have a custom designed adaptor that is compatible.

Brass step-up rings or Titanium step-up rings

Thanks to our production methods for brass or titanium alloys, we have created a line of premium step-up adapters.

Adaptors for NiSi S5

The adapter rings for NiSi S5 allow this holder to be used even on threaded lenses. Many lenses use 67 to 82mm lens threads and in the case of lenses with a smaller diameter thread you can use a third-party step up ring. For example: if you have a lens with 67mm thread, and you want to use your NiSi S5 150mm Holder on that lens. You use the relevant adapter ring for S5 77 or 82mm, then add a third party ring from 67 to 77mm (or 82mm) in order to use the adapter of your choice.

Adaptors for “Classic” 150 or 180mm holders

If instead of the NiSi S5 you have a 150/180mm “Classic” holder (also called Q series) you can find the rings available to use with you holder below (including on threaded lenses.)

Main ring for NiSi S5

Here you will find the main ring for the S5 (the one into which the polariser fits.) If you have multiple lenses with a protruding front lens, therefore without a thread, you can add this adapter and use the same filter holder, polariser and filters.

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