Cinema 4×5.65

NiSi Cinema 4×5.65″ Explosion-Proof Protective filter


4×5.65″ explosion-proof filter for on set and on location lens protection
  • 4×5.65″ x  4mm standard cinema size
  • Transparent glass with anti-shatter film
  • Protects your lens
  • No loss of sharpness
  • No exposure adjustments needed
  • Maximum colour neutrality
  • Synthetic leather case included

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NiSi Cinema Filter
Shatter-proof film

NiSi 4×5.65″ Explosion-proof protective filter

The Explosion Proof Filter is a clear filter coated with a shatterproof film to hold glass splinters together in the event of an impact. It is designed to protect your lens from projectiles and impacts that could cause irreparable damage, whether from flying debris or accidental contact with stationary objects within a scene.

Each of its surfaces is provided with a shatterproof coating that does not produce any colouring or additional contrast and does not require any adjustments to the exposure. No loss of sharpness! The glass surface is also equipped with the patented NiSi nano-coating, which prevents reflections and glare.

The NiSi 4×5.65″ product line is compatible with all leading video matte box manufacturers that conform to the industry standard 4×5.65″. NiSi’s Cinema filters are manufactured with 4mm thickness for use in filter frames or frameless systems. A leatherette bag is included for storage and transport.