Cinema 6.6x6.6

NiSi Cinema 6.6×6.6″ Explosion-Proof Protective filter


6.6×6.6″ Optical glass protective filter with shatter-proof protective film
  • Transparent filter with shatter-proof coating
  • NiSi Optical Glass
  • 6.6×6.6″, 4mm thickness
  • Anti-reflective finish
  • Compatible with all leading brands of matte boxes
  • No sharpness loss

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NiSi Cinema Filter
Shatter-proof film

NiSi 6.6″x6.6″ Explosion-proof Protective Cinema Filter

The NiSi Cinema Explosion-Proof 6.6″x6.6″ filter is a clear filter coated with a shatter-proof film to keep all of the pieces together in the event of a shattering impact. They are designed to protect your glass from impacts that could do irreparable damage, whether from flying debris or accidental contact with stationary objects within a scene. Both sides feature a shatter-proof coating, which creates no additional colouration or contrast and requires no adjustments to exposure.

The NiSi 6.6×6.6″ product line is compatible with all leading video matte box manufacturers that conform to the 6.6×6.6″ standard. NiSi’s Cinema filters are manufactured with 4mm thickness for use in filter frames or frameless systems. A leatherette bag is included for storage and transport.