Cinema 6.6x6.6

NiSi Cinema 6.6×6.6″ 6K Nano Yellow Light Blocker filter (Natural Night)


NiSi Yellow Light Blocker, Natural Night, 6.6×6.6″ filter for cinema matte box
  • Size 6.6×6.6″, thickness 4mm
  • Effectively blocks the wavelengths of the most common city lights
  • NiSi Nano®-coating
  • Exclusive NiSi optical glass
  • Faux leather case included

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Nano® coating
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NiSi Cinema Filter
Natural Night Filter

NiSi Cinema 6.6×6.6″ Yellow Light Blocker filter (NiSi Natural Night)

The NiSi Cinema Yellow Light Blocker 6.6×6.6″ (Natural Night) is designed to reduce the appearance of light pollution in video or images that include the night sky illuminated by artificial light sources. Light pollution occurs in areas of the night sky that are above or near concentrated and intense sources of artificial light such as cities. These light sources can include exterior and interior lamps for commercial or residential buildings, brightly lit advertisements as well as sports and entertainment venues.

When used, the NiSi Cinema Yellow Light Blocker can improve the results of nighttime images by blocking the yellowish hue from sodium-vapour lamps, mercury-vapour lamps, or low Colour Rendering Index LED’s, conventional light sources within urban areas. By preventing the dominant wavelengths of light associated with the colour of those lamps from being recorded, the artificial light sources are more clearly defined with less glare, improved contrast and better tones.

Optical glass

The NiSi range is made from optical glass for shots with optimum clarity and no loss of sharpness.

Nano® coating

Our filters are manufactured in one piece from optical glass and feature NiSi’s exclusive double-sided nano-coating technology. The nano-coating forms a protective layer on the glass, making it very easy to clean.

The NiSi Cinema 6.6×6.6″ Yellow Light Blocker is compatible with all leading video matte box manufacturers that conform to the 6.6×6.6″ standard. NiSi’s Cinema filters are manufactured with a 4mm thickness for use in filter frames or frameless systems. A leatherette bag is included for storage and transport.

nisi yellow blocker cinema beforenisi yellow blocker cinema after
without yellow light blocker nisi cinemayellow light blocker nisi cinema


Cine Sealing technology

NiSi Cinema 4×5.65″ 6K Nano Yellow Light Blocker filter (Natural Night)

The NiSi Yellow Light Blocker series use Cine Sealed technology, the edges of the filter are sealed with black resin to improve performance and durability. This technology reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations, keeps out condensation and protects the filter from unwanted flare and reflections. Compared to similar treatments, NiSi’s technology allows the edge of the filter to be sealed twice as efficiently, thanks to high-precision machinery and unique materials.