Circular filters

Allure Soft Diffusion Circular Filter


NiSi Allure Soft Diffusion Filter for threaded lenses 67 to 82mm
  • Diffuses light to create a glow effect
  • Softens skin and reduces blemishes
  • Reduces contrast slightly
  • Lens Grade Optical glass
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Allure Soft diffusion filter for threaded lenses

The Allure soft filters for threaded lenses soften lighting to create a delicate glow and slightly reduce contrast. For portraiture and similar disciplines, this filter softens skin and can remove the appearance of blemishes and imperfections.

Camera lenses are getting sharper and sharper, so soft diffusion filters are for when your creative vision requires a softer appearance, and you want to get it right in-camera. The filters are constructed in our exclusive lens grade optical glass and are built with NiSi’s trademark quality and eye for detail

b no filterb with nisi soft filter
a no filtera with nisi soft filter