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NiSi Graduated Neutral Density Filters (GND) are an indispensable tool for any landscape photographer. With these filters, you can overcome the limits of the dynamic range of your camera, simultaneously capturing details in the light and dark areas of the scene.

NiSi GND filters are all made of the highest quality, lens grade optical glass so as not to lose even the smallest detail in your images. In addition, an IR treatment is applied to all our filters to block infrared light (which would cause colour shift). Filters are Nano Coated® and anti-reflective.

It doesn’t matter which Holder System you use, NiSi has the filter you need: Graduated neutral density filters are available in sizes 100mm, 150mm and 180mm (2mm thick).

The NiSi V7, NiSi Switch, NiSi V7 Alpha and 100mm Holder for Nikon Z 14-24 S f/2.8 are the perfect holders for 100x150mm GNDs, while the 150mm filter holder NiSi S6 is what you need for your Nikon 14-24 f/2.8, Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 and other wide-angle lenses.

If you own the Canon 11-24 f/4 we have created a holder tailored for you, with 180mm wide ND and GND filters and no vignetting.

What are GND filters used for?

NiSi Graduated Neutral Density filters allow you to overcome one of the currently existing technological limits: however advanced your camera is, its sensor can’t yet see the way the human eye does.

Using GND filters you can balance the brightness of the light and dark areas of the scene, thus allowing the sensor of your camera to capture every detail. The neutral density graduated filters will help you balance the brightness of the sky with that of the ground, to have images more faithful to what you see with your eyes. Preserving all the detail of the dark areas of the scene without blowing out the highlights in the brighter areas.

Graduated neutral density GND NiSi filters are available in different densities from 1 to 5 stops (for some transitions) of reduction to give you the flexibility to choose the right filter for every situation.

Filtri GND NiSi

Which GND Filter To Use

Filtri GND ND Nisi

Each filter is characterised by the transition between light and dark area of ​​the filter. There are four transitions available:

  • Soft: often used in mountainous and hilly landscapes where the separation between light and dark areas of the scene is not clearly defined. An essential tool in any photographers’ bag, they are produced in several densities to offer the greatest flexibility. It is recommended to have both lower ( 2 or 3 stops) and higher (4 or 5 stops) densities with you.
  • Medium: these filters have narrower transition area and sit between soft and hard edge grads. A very useful filter to have when a soft edge grad would not do the job, but the area of light and dark in your scene is not clearly defined enough to warrant using a hard edge grad. A great multi-purpose filter to always have with you.
  • Hard: characterised by a clearly defined transition (but always with a slight softness) between the light and dark part of the filter; they are suitable for scenes where there is a clear separation between the light and dark areas of the scene. Such as during a sunset in a seascape, or with light from behind/side that casts very sharp shadows/lights
  • Reverse: this is a filter with Hard transition between the dark and transparent areas of the filter, but the ND effect gradually dissolves from the centre of the filter towards the top. They are suitable for landscape shots where the highest luminance is in the centre of the shot, such as sun-rise or sunsets. This filter will darken the centre of the shot and fade up allowing you to preserve cloud detail, whilst the transparent bottom of the filter doesn’t interfere with the darkest area of the scene.
Filtri GND NiSi

Choose the size of your GND filter 

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