Ricoh GR3/2 Professional Filter Kit

The NiSi filter system for Ricoh GR3 X and GR3/2/1 is specially designed for the Ricoh GR compact cameras. Our Professional and Starter kits are compatible with GR1/2/3 cameras, the Master Kit is specific for Ricoh GR3 and GR3 X.

The NiSi filter holder in the Starter and Professional Kit is simply attached to the end of the Ricoh GR3/2/1 lens, pushing the holder in place.
The Master Kit for Ricoh GR3 X and GR3 has a newly developed adapter that allows the filter holder to be attached via a mounting ring on the lens, allowing the holder to be mounted even when the lens is retracted. The adapter also has a thread that allows any 49mm-threaded filter to be attached (find out more about our circular filters).

The NiSi filter holder for Compact Cameras is made of aluminium, the same used in our popular V6 system and S5. It holds up to two filters simultaneously. The NiSi holder for Ricoh GR can be easily rotated 360 degrees when switching between portrait and landscape mode. There is no vignetting.

Like all other NiSi filters, these filters are made of our exclusive lens grade optical glass. The surface is finely ground and polished to ensure optimum sharpness with today’s UHD megapixel cameras.

NiSi filters for Ricoh GR series are available in two different kits (Starter and Professional). A third kit, the Master, is compatible with Ricoh GR3 and GR3 X*.

*Master Kit for GR3 X is not compatible with the Ricoh GR3 and the other way around.

Choose your Ricoh GR series filter kit

NiSi filter for Ricoh GR3 and GR2
NiSi filter for Ricoh GR3 and GR2

Black Mist Kit and Accessories for GR3 X

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