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Ricoh GR3 Master Filter Kit

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5 Filters Master Kit designed for Ricoh GR3 (GR III)
  • Easy to install aluminium alloy holder system
  • Holds two square filters
  • Kit comes with
    • Ricoh GR3 Filter Holder
    • Adaptor Ricoh GR3
    • 3 Stop Medium GND (0.9)
    • 3 Stop Soft GND (0.9)
    • ND8 (0.9) 3 Stop
    • ND64 (1.8) 6 Stop
    • Polariser
    • Pouch
  • All filters made of lens-grade optical glass
  • 360° Rotation and no vignetting

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Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight
Designed for Ricoh GR3

5 Filters Master Kit for Ricoh GR III

Following on from the immense popularity of NiSi holder systems for the Sony RX100 VI and the Fuji X100 Series we are delighted to bring you a series of filters and holders custom-designed for the Ricoh GR3 (GR III).

The Master kit comes with five of our most popular filters a 3 Stop Medium GND8, 3 Stop Soft GND8, 3 Stop IR ND8, 6 Stop IR ND64 and Polariser. Each kit comes with a custom-designed holder for the Ricoh GR III lens and pouch.

The NiSi Compact Cameras System Master Kit is compatible with Ricoh GR3 and not with the GR2 and GR.

The holder is constructed from aluminium alloy and designed to attach easily to the lens with a low profile in keeping with the design of the camera. The holder takes two filters with no vignette and offers 360° rotation. The adaptor ring included has a 49mm filter thread, allowing the use of other circular filters (49mm).

The GND Filter (0.9) 3 Stop is a rectangular filter that helps darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies, allowing unaltered exposure in other parts of the image. As with all NiSi filters, it is made of the highest quality optical glass so as not to reduce the detail of your lenses. It also features Nano treatment and IR. The Nano Coating® makes the filter water repellent, for easy cleaning and maximum detail. The IR coating prevents dominant colours, especially magenta, for a great colour match. The filter is denser at the top and fades to the centre, with a medium transition line between dense and clear areas.

In this NiSi Compact Cameras System Master Kit, you’ll find 2 GND filters 3 Stop, with Medium and Soft transition. The different transitions will help you choose the best option for every situation.

The NiSi ND8 3 Stop filter reduces the light by 3 f-stops without changing the colours, which can increase the shutter speed by 8 times (e.g. from 1/8″ to about 1″ or from 1″ to about 8 seconds).

The NiSi ND64 6 Stop filter reduces the light by 6 f-stops without changing the colours, which can increase the shutter speed by 64 times (e.g. from 1/200″ to about 1/3″ or from 1/2″ to about 30 seconds).

The polarising filter is also made of the highest quality optical glass and the polarising film is the best on the market and offers a very high polarisation close to 100%. Thanks to the 360° rotation of our Ricoh GR3 holder (included) you can choose the perfect polarisation in every situation. Also, with 2 slots available, you can always use another filter together with the polariser.

test nisi ricoh gr3 master kit no filtertest nisi ricoh gr3 master kit with polariser

Photos taken with Ricoh GR3.

All NiSi Neutral Density (ND), Graduated Neutral Density (GND) and polarising filters included in NiSi Master Kit for Ricoh GR3 are made of the best lens-grade optical glass, including IR and Nano-Coating. The same attention for the quality of bigger 100mm or 150mm formats.

Unparalleled Quality

NiSi filters are all made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass so as not to lose even the smallest detail in your images. The special Nano Coating coating on both sides minimises unwanted reflections and gives the NiSi neutral density filters the characteristic of being water-repellent and oleophobic. There are no comparable quality filters thanks to the exclusive NiSi glass used, with which you can be confident that your lenses will not lose definition.

NiSi Filter System for Ricoh GR III (Master Kit)

Ricoh GR3 Master Filter Kit

Video: NiSi System for Ricoh GR3

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Reviews for Ricoh GR3 Master Filter Kit

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  1. John Ritchie (verified owner)

  2. Denis O’Keeffe (verified owner)

    The GR3 Master filter kit has made a big difference to the type of photographs that I take with the GR3. Excellent quality and ease of use.

  3. alex C. (verified owner)

    Great look. Superb quality right down to the pouch. Perfection.

  4. Edin M. (verified owner)

    Meet expectations! Would definitely recommend any GR shooter.

  5. Alan (verified owner)

    Great little kit compact but really well built

  6. Martin (verified owner)

    Top quality product providing a whole new dimension to and already impressive little camera

  7. John (verified owner)

  8. Gary J. (verified owner)

    Quality product, it functions just as you would expect.

  9. James R. (verified owner)

    Great kit….tiny (like the Ricoh GRiii), brilliant filter holder and high quality filters. Just got back from a week in Devon and was using the grads all the time.

  10. Richard L. (verified owner)

  11. Rado (verified owner)

  12. Paul Gannon (verified owner)

    Quality product producing excellent results.

  13. daniel (verified owner)

    Love my new filters

  14. Suzanne (verified owner)

  15. Fernando Borracha (verified owner)

  16. Gareth Jones (verified owner)

    works with Fuji x100v as well, great kit love it.

  17. Gareth (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic, great quality product.

  18. Johnny Hagstedt (verified owner)

  19. Steve Hayward (verified owner)

    The master filter kit is a wonderful addition to the GR III. The combination is very pocketable and does away for the need of a camera case, altogether.

  20. Vincent Breen (verified owner)

    Super product. Really excellent quality check components. Easy to use. I find myself being far more creative with this set of filters

  21. Matthew Carter (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit. Ideal for travelling light. It also fits nicely on two lenses for my Sony A7Rii which is a bonus. Saves lugging my big filters around.

  22. Garry G. (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with this kit. All the filters I wanted in a small form factor. Obviously with any equipment there are a couple of issues. The first being you can’t use the polariser with the grads. And the filter adapter doesn’t lock on the camera like the Ricoh adapter does. Neither of these is a big deal in my use of the system.
    The rotatable filter holder is unbelievably smooth in its action. No idea how they managed too pull it off but I’m impressed every time I use it. I even just pick it up when not photographing, just to rotate it.
    Going back to the adapter. I can forgive it’s none locking design because of the quality of the build.
    Any other complaint about this kit would just be picking holes for the sake of it.
    I didn’t actually buy this kit for my GR. although I have used it on the camera. As Nisi made the holder with a thread I was able to adapt it for use on my Sony RX0II.
    This is providing me a tiny photography and video setup that I can take out on my walks. I suspect the 24 mm equivalent Sony may experience some vignette due to the slightly wider angle. I’ve not had chance too try it yet. But it was designed for the Ricoh. So no worries if it does.
    This kit is fantastic quality and IMO well worth the price. The speed of delivery from Nici is also first class. Here in the U.K. at least. Definitely a company who’s products I will buy again.

  23. David Jordan (verified owner)

    Very well made, the filter holder in particular. A very comprehensive set of filters that cover most contingencies. They also work well on ordinarily camera lenses that have a 49mm filter thread. I have not had chance to use them in anger yet, but l am sure that they will deliver the desired results.

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