NiSi S6 150mm Filter Holder for Sony 12-24 f2.8 GM

NiSi S6 Holder | Polariser PRO | Sony 12-24 f 2.8

The NiSi S6 150mm filter holder for Sony 12-24  f2.8 GM represents the next generation of filter holders for wide and super-wide angle lenses.

Continuing the high build quality of the S5, the S6 comes in CNC machined aeronautical grade aluminium and has a host of design and functional improvements such as:

  • Redesigned locking wheel for great security and ease of mounting/unmounting.
  • Premium grade flocking to absorb stray light and minimise reflection/glare
  • Redesigned filter slots and polariser gear wheel
  • No light leak, even without the CPL installed
  • Silver finish adaptor ring with knurled edges for grip

The externally mounted gear wheel gives you full control over the polariser, even with filters mounted. The S6 takes our 150mm series of ND and GND filters as well as the 150mm Natural Night filter.

NiSi S5 150mm Filter holder with Polariser

The NiSi S5 150mm filter holder is ideal for landscape photographers who want to combine an ultra wide-angle lens with a square filter system with all the versatility of a circular screw polarising filter and GND/ND filters.

NiSi S5 Holder 150mm polarizzatore

The holder is CNC machined and made of aluminium alloy. The NiSi S5 allows the use of a CPL screw-in polariser (included) and two 150mm-wide square filters, with a 360° rotation. Through an external wheel it is possible to rotate the CPL polariser even with filters mounted.

The holder kit is available in two versions and specific for each wide-angle lens:

  • with standard polariser PRO
  • with Landscape NC polariser

Find out the differences between the two polarisers.

The NiSi S5 150mm main adaptor is specific for each lens but also sold separately, allowing to adapt the use with different ultra wide angle lenses or up to 105mm threaded lenses. In addition, 77mm and 82mm (or smaller depending on the size of the holder) adapter rings are available on the accessories page to directly adapt a NiSi S5 to threaded lenses..

150mm filter holder, redefined

NiSi S5 kit

All landscape photographers, owning an ultra wide angle lens, dream of combining the use of a CPL filter, a ND and a GND simultaneously.

Many ultra wide angle lenses don’t allow screw-in circular filters or holders, because the front element is protruded and the lens hood is usually not removable.

NiSi have redefined the 100mm filter holders with the market leading V5 PRO and V6 for 100mm filter systems. Their design allows the use of an integrated CPL filter and a maximum of 3 square or rectangular filters (100x100mm – 100x150mm).

After the release of this system, NiSi received increasing pressure to reinvent the filter holder system for ultra wide lenses that require 150mm filters and have no front thread. The use of a circular polarising filter and 150mm filters at the same time has always been a problem. In response to demand, NiSi created the NiSi S5.

NiSi S5 150mm Holder Kit

The NiSi S5 kit contains everything you need to get up and running, with two slots for 150mm filters and the main ring for mounting the circular polariser included. The NiSi S5 kit includes the latest generation polarisers, in addition to a pouch. Everything you need for your wide-angle lens. The NiSi S5 is custom made to fit your lens, scroll below to check the supported lenses.

porta filtro NiSi S5

2 slots for 150mm-wide filters

polarizzatore NiSi S5

CPL Pro Polarizer / CPL Landscape NC Polarizer

adattatore NiSi S5

Main adaptor, custom made for each lens

borsa per holder NiSi S5


Choose your NiSi S5

NiSi S5 with Landscape NC polariser (Nano Coating)

The NiSi S5 with Landscape NC polariser is available for many lenses, such as the Nikon 14 – 24 f/2.8, the Tamron 15 – 30 f/2.8, the Sony FE 12-24mm f/4G, the Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG HSM and many others.

NiSi S5 with standard PRO polariser

The NiSi S5 with standard polariser includes our PRO polariser, which compared to Landscape has a less pronounced polarisation (95% versus about 99.5%) and is not treated with Nano Coating. It is a polariser suitable for many uses, as its effect can be easily controlled and is very neutral.

Do you want to use the NiSi S5 holder on lenses with thread? Discover the adapter rings and other accessories.

Main features of the NiSi S5

Ruotare polarizzatore NiSi S5

Polariser rotation controlled through external wheel

Polariser included in the kit

Portafiltro S5 NiSi

Filters secured with smooth movement

Adattatore obiettivi S5 NiSi

Custom made and interchangeable adapters

borsa per holder S5 NiSi

Bag with tripod attachment

Assembly of the NiSi S5 is simple and fast and thanks to the main adapters, can be used on different lenses, even threaded lenses. The quality of the product is evidenced by the care in the production and the choice of materials. The NiSi S5 is the perfect companion for ultra wide-angle lenses.


High quality

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